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    • Cameron Unruh
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      In this last issue of TBM Fred Asbell has an article entitled, “Long Practice”. Encouraging us to practice at longer distances in order to improve the shorter distance accuracy. So I have been out doing just that…and now have a question.

      At approx. 55 to 60 yards and beyond my bow hand at full draw is completely blocking my vision or line of sight to the target. What is your method of shooting at longer distances? It seems I can get a little more visual on the target if I do not cante the bow at the longer distance. What is your aiming method when shooting long?

    • new moon
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      At long distances I’ll often start aiming at things that are above the target, maybe something that is a foot or two above. It takes a while to get the feel for it and I could stand a lot more practice.
      I’m sure others have better ways of dealing with this.


Viewing 1 reply thread
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