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    • gigglemonk
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      I took three teens rabbit hunting yesterday morn. The boys have been making bows with me for 2 years and are now wanting to hunt. We saw lots of bunnies but the boys tend to shoot at no less than 30 yards. Way out of their accurate range.

      Anyways, the day wasnt a total bust. At 7 am i saw the smallest ground squirrel ever. ITs back was a chestnut brown with a creamy colored belly and a black tip. Once I registered the marking I realized I was watching a weasel.

      I flagged the boys over to me. Thinking I had found a bunny they rushed over in a manner that would scare any bunny.

      The weasel wasnt bothered at all. It went down a hole and popped out another hole and then it got real good. TWO more weasels came out and were playing not 10 feet from us!

      We watched them for about 15 minutes before they went back underground.

      It was an amazing thing to watch. I rarely see weasels and when I do Im pretty much astounded.

      Even without any bunnies, its pretty cool for some teens to see such an elusive and effective predator.

    • shaneharley
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      Those are good times.

    • James Harvey
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      Good on the kids for getting out there! And good on you for taking them out 🙂


    • Rupe
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      We need more gentlemen like you to get our young out there to see and understand the wonders of the foresta and deserts of this great thing called the Outdoors! Thanks for sharing.


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