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    • stickbow321
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      I have an old Wing Archery recure. I got it for free. Its 62″ and 35#. Thats what it says anyway. I thought it might be a ok bow to use for my kids when they get a little older. Anyway I think it has a some limb twist on the bottom limb. Is there away to fix it?
      It does shoot arrows off the shelf pretty good.

      Thanks for any help.

    • sharpster
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      It can most definately be fixed. There are a few different techniques that work. I prefer to simply twist the limb in the opposite direction of the defect. I leave the bow strung when doing this and don’t be afraid to really crank on it. You’ll break your hand before you break the limb. Twist it well passed straight and hold it for a few seconds then slowly relax your grip. The limb can be straightened by doing this daily for 3 or 4 days.

      Some guys like to run the twisted section of the limb under hot water then twist it back straight but in my experience, it’s easy to end up with a reverse twist that way.


    • T. J. Conrads
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      The Oct/Nov issue of TBM has an excellent article by Jason Wesbrock on taking the twist out of recurve limbs. But this may be a little late…subscribers should have already received this issue.


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