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    • paleoman
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      I just bought an old Bear Grizzly off e-bay. Pretty happy with the condition, etc. My first instinct is to use some bow paint to dull down the shine on the limbs for hunting. But, since it is an older (not that old, loooks like late 70’s manufacture), vintage type bow, do I really want to do this? Have any of you guys had any issues with bow glare spooking the critters?

    • William WarrenWilliam Warren
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      I’ve used a Bear Grizzly since the early 80’s and yes the finish is very shiny. I’ve used various cloth limb covers that can be easily made from camo cloth. I’ve also used camo tape with good results. I feel this protects the original finish and when I’m not hunting with it I can remove them to show off the pretty finish.

      I’ve not had a critter spook while using my limb covers.

      Currently I’m using a snake skin set from 3 Rivers and I really like the Tamarack version too.

      If it were mine I would not paint it or sand it. I’d just cover it.


    • Raymond CoffmanRaymond Coffman
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      Paleoman —

      I always camo [ sleeves/ tape in old days] my bows {even if “satin” finished still shine in the SW sun}imho. What I use currently and really like [ not cheap ] is self adherent bandage tape made by Camo Form Protective camo wrap. It adhers to itself without the stickiness of regular tape. comes in all kinds of camo ———-


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