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    • David Petersen
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      I’ve been checking in on this live-cam at the entrance to a MN bear den all winter … mostly pretty boring. But now Lily is wide awake, stretching and scratching and yawning almost constantly, and her one cub really looks like a bear. If you have sound turn it on. Won’t be long at this rate before she leaves the den and were she in states where it’s allowed, heads for the nearest bait pile, putting her cub up a tree before she comes in, so that we have no way of knowing she’s a sow with cubs. “Kill the sow and kill the cubs” was our motto when we outlawed spring baiting here in CO. So much better to wait for autumn and hunt ’em honestly, with no negative impacts on the resource. My 200 cents. (You may have to suffer through a brief ad or some sort. Watch for “Lily the bear” link and click on it, then click on “live den cam” link. Way cool and easily worth it no matter your feelings about bears.)


    • Patrick
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      Very cool! Hey, that’s the hometown of my favorite photographer, Jim Brandenburg!

    • tom-wisconsin
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      Saw the bear move a little but she was mostly sleeping. Very cool8)

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