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    • James HarveyJames Harvey
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      Wolves and sheep… in France?? Apparently the wolf population in France is up to 300 and they’re talking about reintroducing bears into the Pyrenees as well.. who knew?


    • jpcjpc
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      This is true we have wolves

      France is not a very big country and we loose woods every years because population growing

      On an other side from long time the shepherds were in the habit of taking their animals spend the summer in the mountains let them fend for themselves and recover in the fall

      Since wolves have been reintroduced this is not possible and shepherds have few solutions and they are expensive and make them working

      Villages close from wolves are happy : this bring tourists as bears does in Pyrenees mountains ( between France and Spain )

      I’m close from Italy where wolves and sheep share same parts of Alpes mountains , as it is in Spanish Pyrenees in these two country shepherds and wolves live without problem

      On an other hand a wolves need something like one red deer a week Easy to imagine how may red and big deers ( and boars ) hunters do not have in hunting territories

      Bears are not enough in Pyrenees to be a problem And it’s very rare to see or to find they traces

      One of French specialty seams to have a group of anti each time an other group have any idea !

      And this is not limited about wolves !

      We have a law that makes hunters responsible for game damage and french hunting association have to pay for all damage .

      If a boar make damage in a vineyard it easy for the owner to charge hunters for plots that have not grown up by saying that the boars have destroyed.

      And owners vineyard are also hunters !:?:

      Here, as in many other place when you scratch the surface of things, it is often a $$$ question that is discovered

    • FallguyFallguy
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      “On an other side from long time the shepherds were in the habit of taking their animals spend the summer in the mountains let them fend for themselves and recover in the fall”

      This seems to be a common theme in the wolf issue here also. Now that the wolf is back ranchers and herders need to tend their flocks and herds year round as opposed to turning them loose and letting fend for themselves. Unfortunately there is no desire the change there methods whether we are talking about farming and ranching practices due to predators,prey, or climate change. When wildlife biologists and ranchers talk about animals the term carrying capacity will come up. It never seems to come up in reference to humans though. There is only so much room on this rock no matter what you are talking about cows,sheep,wolves,deer, or humans we are going to have to find a balance or Ma Nature will do it for us. And she has no favorites.

      Oh ya I went for a 3 mile hike in the snow yesterday saw 5 does no shot opportunities.

    • James HarveyJames Harvey
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      thanks for all that info. I was/am really ignorant about western Europe’s wildlife populations.. I imagined it to be like the UK, with not much of anything big left. It’s nice to know even in these very developed parts of the world there is wildness left.

    • jpcjpc
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      France is a total of 138 millions acres

      with 78 millions agricultural production ( 20% of total EU production 1st place )

      38 millions woods

      25 % of French population is rural

      And with Pyrenees( beteween France and Spain ) and Alpes mountains ( France /Italy )

      This left larges places to hunt

      And something like 4 or 5000 kilometers see front for waterfowl hunting

      Hope this can help to imagine France

      European wild boar hunting video Enjoy !



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