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    • James Harvey
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      Hey guys,

      Has anyone tried the leopard wood shafts from Kevin Forrester? Spined at 70#, 5/16″ thick and 550-600 grains sounds pretty darned impressive. I’m quietly hoping I can smash up my current batch of carbon shafts quickly enough to get an order in before Christmas (I’m the kind of jerk who buys himself Christmas presents 😉 ).

    • smiley1
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      Don’t know if Kevin still offers a half dozen sample pack of shafts. I tried various shafts from him an settled on teak for my Grizzly recurve and maple shafts for my selfbow. For some reason the leopard wood shafts didn’t fly as good as teak even though they were the same spine. Kevin is a great guy to deal with and makes quality hardwood shafts. Contact him and I’m sure he would be happy to give you his suggestions.


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