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    • David Coulter
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      I got out on opening day here in PA, dressed for the summer weather. It’s been really damp here all year and the mosquitoes were more active than the squirrels.  I did see a few deer. I kicked out 4 or 5 on the way in and then had a doe come in keeping her distance, then another later that walked right under my stand. No shot.  I did manage to kill three mosquitoes without alerting the deer though.

      Good luck to you all out there. Best, dwc


    • aeronut
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      It’s still skeeter weather here in SE Ks and the river bottom timber I hunt you can kill more than three with one swat.

    • Stephen Graf
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      Let me know if you need help dragging one out 🙂  I know them skeeters can get heavy…

      I got within 10 yards of a big buck a couple days ago.  Could have been a 10 pointer (I don’t count points till the deed is done), but alas he proved, like most deer do, that he was smarter than me.  Had a little brush between me and him.  He walked up behind me, so I turned around and waited for him to clear the bush.  He was about to when he sniffed my back trail and switched ends.

      After he made his exit I got to looking at the bush…  Probably should have threaded an arrow through it.  Done it many times on 3d courses and while stumping.  At such a close range it would have been a sure thing.  Better than waiting for him to come into the clear.

      Next time…

Viewing 2 reply threads
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