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    • wildschwein
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      They might not be big, but this pair of Ruffies really gave the old confidence a boost. Equipment used was a 40 pound Samick Red Stag, Easton Legacy flu-flus and Hammer blunts.

    • DAbersold
      Post count: 111

      Pretty cool Wildschwein – Good shooting. Great pic too!

    • bruc
      Post count: 476

      Good shooting!!!!!
      Best eating bird in the whole world!!!!

    • Cottonwood
      Post count: 311

      Good shooting there!

    • strait-aero
      Post count: 350

      Nice shooting,fella.Did you get them on the wing? I have a hard time hitting them with a shotgun…..Way to go!

    • William WarrenWilliam Warren
      Post count: 1384

      Good shooting Wildschwien! Man I wish we had some of those chickens around here!

    • Jeremy Holden
      Post count: 59

      Alright! Nice shooting. I’m going for pheasant on the 2nd of December. I know it can be done. Just hope I made enough flu flu’s.


    • Jesse Minish
      Post count: 115

      Congrats! Grouse are a ton of fun to hunt.

    • vermonter1
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      Jesse Minish wrote: Congrats! Grouse are a ton of fun to hunt.

      Great job! We have grouse here in south/central Vermont and they are very hard to hunt with a bow, I would feel lucky to bag one in a whole season let alone a double. That’s good hunting and shooting. Go get some more!:o

    • Frank H V
      Post count: 129

      I took a couple of Franklin Grouse this year with my bow. It’s a thrill even if the Franklins sit for you to get into position. They taste good too.

    • kellydockter
      Post count: 67

      great pic wild-thanks.fresh nuggets yum.:D

    • Chris Shelton
      Post count: 679

      man I can’t even get one!!!!

    • MontanaFord
      Post count: 450

      Nice job, Wild. You did better than I did this year. My whole hunting season ended up a bust, for one reason or another, all the way through. Oh well. That’s how life goes, I suppose.


Viewing 12 reply threads
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