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    • paleoman
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      I would rather be shot in the butt with a blunt arrow over and over than suffer one of those again. Just curious if anyone has ever been struck by these out in the woods? I think that would be hideous if you were miles from morphine! If I’ve ever brought this up before = apologies, tis the season for them with warmer weather and I start PTSD’ing about them..

    • Stephen Graf
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      Thankfully I cannot feel your pain.

      I know people who suffer from them though. From my dad who almost died from his, to a fellow I stump with all the time who treats his repeated stones like just another headache.

      I know there are geographical, food, sex, and genetic correlations. Can’t do much about the last two, but maybe changing something about the first two might help?

      Good luck, and drink lots of water!

    • Ralph
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      I think my youngest bro will agree with you. Gotta suck. 😡 Good luck with them.

    • Etter1
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      My step dad has had them six times. Around the fifth time, he started to drink a gallon of water every day. Measured it out and everything.

      He didn’t have one for about ten years and his DR told him that half a gallon would be fine. Within six months, he had another one.

      Went back to the gallon again and hasn’t had one in years. Drink up!

Viewing 3 reply threads
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