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    • richard roop
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      Too wet to shoot and too early to drink whiskey so I’ll throw this out for the assembled masses.

      What is ‘Traditional’ ????

      Where do we draw the line on what is Traditional and what is not ??? As nearly as I can tell, we have approximately three major originations all setting different equipment rules and local clubs with their own interpretations of what Traditional is. Very confusing when carbon limbs, carbon arrows, fast-flight string and plastic fletch is Traditional but a bow quiver or a short hunting stabilizer may or may not be allowed.

      So …………………….. How do we define ‘Traditional’ without adding more classes or driving people away from shoots ????

    • David Coulter
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      That’s as blurry as a released bowstring. As long as people are respectful, I’m ok. I’ll let the category aspects up to the judges in competitions. Thanks! Dwc

    • Raymond Coffman
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      Ditto dwc on competitions ;

      whatever everybody likes— but what usually happens ( firearms too) they become an equipment / adjust the rules race for what wins. Which is fine, for those interested.  I used to shoot the matches periodically for the fun / shooting under stress trng. Whatever floats your boat. I mean that sincerely…

      I think true traditional in my mind is what can be made by hand from natural materials. Not being a Bowyer I have to get somebody to  build a bow for me. Not being completely interested in the true primitive ( stone points etc), I am ok with steel points, fiberglass and some of the newer strings materials… Uh oh— I am heading down the slippery slope?… don’t worry i’am stopping before we get to compounds, haha.. I like Carbon arrows for some scenarios ( efoc) in hunting. However Steve made a valid point on carbons, (a while back)lack of biodegredation capability ( and aluminum) in lost arrows hunting, which has got me reconsidering their use…..It reminded me of hunting on the channel islands in the olden times ( off CA ) great hunting BUT , it was bad press for bowhunting as there was used / broken / discarded arrows littering some areas as time went on.  I started carrying a bag to haul em off….

      It seems to me more people are interested in the gadgets and the kill, than in woods/ archery skills and the more primitive ( challenging) experience…when asked why I shoot / hunt trad  I emphasize the last sentence without admonishing the newer stuff in hopes of educating / influencing people towards our discipline.  Not sure how good iam doing since I see less and less trad bow Interest…..one Step at a time I guess.


      Scout aka Ray





    • Stephen Graf
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      To me, it’s about skills and knowledge.  What a bow is made from has little to do with how it shoots.  How it is shaped, and what is attached to it does have an effect on how it shoots.  Looking from the other direction…  A compound bow would still be a compound bow, even it it was made just from wood.

      Does the bow you shoot require skill and practice to use effectively?  Then it’s likely traditional.  Carbon limbs and fiberglass limbs just make it possible to miss a little faster than the guy with all wood limbs.

      I don’t think the word traditional was even part of the lexicon until compounds came along.  That’s an important point to remember.  As with all words, they start out meaning one thing and end up meaning another.  Part of the problem may be the connotations the word carries outside archery topics.

      Maybe a better word to have used is “simple”.  It could have been used in the same sense as when it is applied to machines.  There are only 3 simple machines. Everything else is a combination of these.  There are no moral judgements or prejudices attached to it.

      I am a simple archer.  My bow is just a stick and string.

    • Ralph
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      To me these days, traditional in my case is taking my stick and string, whether it be self bow, longbow or recurve and going about my archery business regardless of arrow, bow or string composition.

      It’s the thought behind it that matters most.

      I guarantee that if a primitive dude running around trying to collect supper was to come across a glass bow with synthetic string and a carbon arrow with a steel point he wouldn’t have worried what class it was that brought supper home.

      I just love the challenge of me putting the arrow where I want.

    • Ptaylor
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      At this point I think it is more a mindset than whatever equipment you use.

      I really enjoyed Jason Wesbrock’s Campfire Philosopher in the most recent issue of TBM “That Was a Poke” I think it hits the heart of the matter at hand. Seems like a lot of people switching to Simple Archery (I like that phrase Steve), are coming over with compound mindsets. Still relying on technology to do the hunting whatever weapon is in their hand.

      But, we don’t want to scare them off, merely nudge em in the right direction. I think we are all on this Simple Archery journey, hoping to get closer (physically and spiritually) to the game, and we all rely on some sort of technology to get into the woods. Unless maybe you are one of the lucky ones who can walk out of the house and hunt. I know my backpack, sleeping bag, and sleeping pad are pretty high tech.

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