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    • Bully26
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      Today, after paper tuning I tried cock feather in. Arrow flew horribly. While paper tuning I was nock high at 3ft. I was just wondering if shooting cock feather in could be used as an indicator fletching to shelf issue.
      When I shot cock feather in I swear I saw the red letters XT as it barreled down range. Maybe if you try it and its not so bad, then kick plate to fletching clearance is ok? If of course if baby powder is not readily available.

      The poster is not liable for losing an eye if this teqnique is executed or if there is any damage to life, limb, property or neighbors pet.

      Nevermind, just go get some dangum baby powder!

    • Troy Breeding
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      All I can say is: why would anyone want to shoot cock feather in?:shock:

      That puppy is sticking out like a flag ship. It’s gonna atleast, rub along the sight window plate.:roll:

      Yea, yea, yea,,, I know feathers are supposed to lay down, but that quill ain’t got no give. Why ask for problems???:?:

      Alright,, everyone lay down those tomatos and eggs.

      It’s JMHO:wink:


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