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    • Robert Hall
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      I see this was a topic a number of years ago, however with no real value approximations shared. I am much older now and no longer hunt with my longbows.

      I have 2 beautiful John Schulz American Longbows. The first one is a Natural “Tonkin” Bamboo made to my specs of 52# @ 28” in 1995. The second is a Osage Bamboo backed 57# @ 27” that I purchased from a friend. Neither one has been strung or shot for probably 15-20 years. Both have spent  the majority of time gracing my custom Arrow Rack on the office wall. I do not have anyone in the family to pass these bows on and would like to see them in the hands of someone who will appreciate the Howard Hill style bow made by one of the most respected bowyers of his time.

      I would like to better understand a fair value to make these bows available. I have been absent from traditional hunting world for a number of years.  My invoice on the Tonkin was $700 in 1995. That’s about all I have to go on. Would appreciate any information the membership is comfortable sharing. Thx

    • Robin ConradsRobin Conrads
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      Hi Robert. Welcome to the forum. John Schulz made beautiful bows and he is a wonderful man. Haven’t seen him for years, but I’ve always admired him. I have no idea on the value of the bows, so hopefully someone here will chime in. You might also try contacting John directly through his website Straight Shooting

      Have a great day

      Robin (Webmother)

    • Raymond CoffmanRaymond Coffman
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      Hi Robert

      Welcome . I have owned Schulz longbows in the past . Outstanding longbows ! Unfortunately my last one didn’t make it thru a move. I have not tried to sell one. But imagine if you put it out for sale at 1200.00 +- would be a good starting point on an auction site.

      Maybe Stephen has some ideas on value, I believe he has spent sometime around Mr Schulz—–

      Scout aka Ray

    • Stephen Graf
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      I know of a few that have sold, anywhere from $500 to over $1000.  The bows you speak of are from his “naturals” time when he made bows without fiberglass.

      His fiberglass bows sell for about $400.00-$600 used.

      The naturals can be a tougher sell since their durability may not be as good as the fiberglass models.  But there are those committed to collecting bows and are not interested in shooting them.  They are the ones that would be most inclined.

      eBay would probably be the best place to get the highest price.

    • codger
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      mine is an 80# @28″ natural i have owned for around ten years it was basicly in unshot condition when i got it i shot it a few times. i honestly couldnt resist it but i couldn tbear to carry it to the range or take  a chance on it being damaged or Stolen. i have owned around 40+ longbows and this it the most beautiful bow ive ever held in my hand. Mr Schulz was a true artist. it shoots so smoothly its hard to believe its an 80# bow. im not a kid anymore and my worry is when i pass away some non appreciative individual would take it and throw it in the trash or fire place.  this bow is flawless with the original string and hangs over my desk in my backroom.

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