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      reading the article “Tips from the old timer” in the Feb. March 2014 issue in which Mr. Kamstra opines on gripping the bow.

      His advice is sound and should be listened to by all who shoot heavy poundage bows which are according to him is any bow over 65#.

      However, and this may not be within the scope of the article,

      he says nothing about archers that shoot and hunt with bows of lighter poundage.

      Myself my heaviest bow is 56#( recurve) and I mostly hunt with a LB of 55# @ 25″. Not taking into consideration those who legally use compounds or X bows and thus shoot a much higher poundage weapon would the same type(s) of grip that Mr. Kamstra details in his article be applicable to those of us that use lighter poundage bows when in the field?

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