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    • bsv
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      I have used a recurve for 15yrs and would like to try a longbow. Any words of wisdom

    • Ripforce
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      BSV wrote: I have used a recurve for 15yrs and would like to try a longbow. Any words of wisdom

      Yes I was the way last year never had an urge to shoot one, my son LimbLover bought a Bama hunter at Christmas time, I shot his was intantly hooked, sold my recurves and now own 2 Bama longbows and a Silver Creek they can be very addicting! However in the the group I shoot with I am the only longbow shooter! The biggest differance that you will notice is that the riser are much smaller and the bows are usually much lighter in the hand! They are fun to shoot but not for everyone but for me I will never switch back to a recurve! My advice is if you can find a traditonal store or go to some Trad events where you can shoot some differant longbow models and make your decision from that! Good Luck!

    • George D. Stout
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      They are still bows and you shoot them like any bow. Best advice is to not pay attention to those who tell you that you must grip a longbow, or use some bent over style, etc. I shoot mine just as I shoot my recurves. I love all kinds of bows, and I like shooting the different types. Matter of fact, you can shoot both types in the same shooting session with little trouble.

      I have a home made longbow, straight limb model, as well as a def/ref design, and three recurves. They are all good and I can go from one to the other with relative ease. By the way, some of the modern longbows (3pc) are really no different than recurves of that design, so there isn’t much of a learning curve there. Otherwise, you just need to adjust to the small riser of a traditional style longbow.

    • RedTape
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      There’s really not that much difference between the two. I typically shoot higher with a recurve than my longbows. I say go for it! I much prefer the longbow.

    • John Carter
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      As above,I shoot my longbow in much the same way I shoot my recurve.
      The only real difference I find is that I have to be more carefull about my form with my longbow as it’s quite a bit lighter than my metal risered recurve.
      It’s a great form builder.

      Due to that extra wheight on the recurve I find it more stabile and as such ” more forgiving of form errors.
      For this reason I love my longbow because I enjoy being pushed to shoot properly,,,plus it’s straight out beautifull as well.

      At a shoot last weekend 20 longbowers,,7 recurvers,,7 compounds.

      Next weekend is a big one for us,,,I rang the organisers tonight,,,apparantly the longbow field is going to be huge.

      The tide is turning,,,Yeeeha!8)

    • blade
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      Most longbows are not cut to center like a recurve so your arrows may shoot a little to one side depending if you are left or right handed until you get used to how it shoots.Longbows are more forgiving than recurves so you can get away with a little bit in your fourm and release.I’m hooked on longbows!

    • LimbLover
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      Honestly…your body has a way of figuring these kinds of things out.

      You will adjust. Just keep shooting.

    • JL
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      I started with a long bow then picked up a couple of older recurves and traded the long bow. Now I have just gotten back into a long bow with a Shrew and still have one recurve, so to answer your query; yes can shoot both. as one comment above, they are both are bows. For me, my take down recurve is the most forgiving of my sins, based on the weight of the bow. A long bow requires that I pay more attention to form on my left arm/hand, I shoot right handed so how I hold the bow seems to make a lot of difference with regard to getting consistency.
      If I was only interested in target shooting then I would probably shoot recurve the most, but for hunting, ok maybe it is mostly walking, it will always be the long bow. Good luck and have fun.

    • strait-aero
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      I’ve shot longbow 7or8 yrs. after shooting a recurve for 6 yrs. and I’ve never looked back.I’m hooked! After getting used to the way a longbow shoots and adapting to the subtle differences, it has become the most natural of ways to shoot. It will force you to be more aware of your form and technique in general. I think you will find the longbow mezmerizing(sp?), to say the least. Good luck and enjoy!:)

    • Dpowers311
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      I have only shot recurves until this year. I made it a point to try out some longbows at Cloverdale. I bought one about 2 months ago and just picked up my second. So far I really like them.


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