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    • John Dunlap
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      Interesting article  latest traditional  bowhunter. Remember the politicians   that supported hunting back in the 1970 Era are not our friends now. Reading this article you would think the political environment is wonderful for hunter’s today. Wrong! There is nothing the party of Johnson of today is looking out for hunters.




    • David CoulterDavid Coulter
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      There are a lot of things that don’t make sense to me.  Why saving the earth first is not the absolute top priority for every high power is a mystery. The earth is on fire, quite literally.  Sometimes I think I need to get an electric car, which means burning coal where I am, then I see some missile strike on TV and think, there’s the carbon footprint for the next several generations of my family. I’m probably not exaggerating all that much. I’m generally not a pessimistic person, but this has me wondering. It’s easy to point fingers in a political party sense, since that’s what it’s come down to. Truth is, everyone has a hand in it. My opinion would say one party is worse, but they’ve all gotten what they need from each other, too.  The politicians have been very good at taking the power from the voters and the voters have been very good at supporting that. As a herd, we’re pretty much a herd. Two cents…

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