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    • bates777
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      Can anyone help me find instructions pics or information on building a carbon/wood carbon/wood/aluminium fiberglass/wood arrow?:oops:

    • kingwouldbe
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      Bro… it’s hard to get instructions on such a cutting edge subject as it’s all pretty new.

      I would start here, then do your own experimentation
      Internal Footings

      This is some of the stuff I have cooked up

      I started out just doing a single footing, then I went to double footing, then I went to triple footing, and I am still looking for more.

      In Doc. Ashbey’s internal footing with a hard wood dowel looks to be the best of both worlds, as he said in his article my 13″ footing over my carbon arrow with another 5″ footing over that has only moved the WEAK spot farther back.

      I think as we keep thinking and tinkering we will come up with a ground braking idea that will be the ultimate arrow.

      Maybe something like a stainless steel for shaft with a carbon tapered back end, who knows what the mind can conceive.

      I have hit the limit on my skinny shafts at 28% efoc even if I throw another 200 grans it only moves my efoc vary little.

      It looks like I have to buy some new shafts and keep cooking, I want to do a 650-750grain arrow with a 30-35% efoc with internal and external footing,:shock: AKA armor piercing arrows.

      As you can see I have more to learn, this arrow is 28.25″ has a carbon shaft with 13″ over that and another 5″ over that, with a total arrow weight of 810 grains, the second arrow from the top has a part of it still stuck in the chest of the hog as it rolled on the shaft braking both ends off.

    • bates777
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      Thanks for the help David.:idea:

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