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    • Polar Bear
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      I am a member and the Southwest area rep. for the Bowhunting Council of Oklahoma. We are preparing to try and open two new hunting areas in the Oklahoma City area. I am trying gather information on the safety of bowhunting. I have contacted both the United Sportsmen Alliance and the Internationa Bowhunting Education Foundation but no response at this time.

      If anyone has any information they would be willing to share I would be willing to purchase the information. I can also be reached at plrbar5053bmw@yahoo.com Any and all help will be appreciated.


    • Troy Breeding
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      One thing you can point out about bowhunting is the fact that is a close range sport. No ricocheting arrow from longrange shooting.

      Also since we are a close range shooting group we have to fully see what we are shooting. Unlike gun hunters, we can’t shoot at a noise, then go see what it is.

      Hopefully this is what your looking for.


    • Polar Bear
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      That will help. Also anything with stats.

    • Robin ConradsRobin Conrads
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      I have an article I will email you by a guy in Texas who did this. I don’t know if they have “stats”. Maybe a Bowhunter Safety instructor, or the Archery in the Schools Program would have actual numbers or studies. Good luck!

    • bamboo
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      you can point out that states are reducing the safe and lawful discharge of archery equipment to 150’from buildings

      new jersey and pennsyvania both did in recent years

      maybe more have

    • Polar Bear
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      Robin, that article will help a great deal.

      Bamboo, thanks, I’ll try to find that info.

    • skifrk
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      When i lived in Virginia they also had a deer population reduction program you could get involved in. To do this you had to qualify by passing a written and shooting test. The shooting test was to shoot at 30yds at 3 9″ pie plates and had to hit all 3 in order to qualify. So they may already have some of the info in Virgina at the city or county level that you need. Note these were nothern DC metro areas.

    • Polar Bear
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      Thanks Skifrik, I’ll check it out.

    • Clay Hayes
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      try the USFWS. They usually have some pretty good stats on hunting. I’d imagin bowhunting as well.

    • Mark Turton
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    • FallguyFallguy
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      Here is a link to Metro Bowhunters Resource Base they organize bow hunts in the Minneapolis- St. Paul Minnesota metro area. They have been doing metro archery hunts for over 10 years. They should be able to answer any questions you may have. http://mbrb.org/mbrb/index.htm

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