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    • T Downing
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      On a cloudy morning here in Southwestern Colorado, I am happily reminded of the immortal words of Saxton Pope.

      “”Here we have a weapon of beauty and romance. He who shoots with a bow, puts his life’s energy into it. The force behind the flying shaft must be placed there by the archer. At the moment of greatest strain he must draw every sinew to the utmost; his hand must be steady; his nerves under absolute control; his eye keen and clear. In the hunt he pits his well-trained skill against the instinctive cunning of his quarry. By the most adroit cleverness, he must approach within striking distance, and when he speeds his low whispering shaft and strikes his game, he has won by the strength of arm and nerve. It is a noble sport.

      However, not all temperaments are suited to archery. There must be something within the deeper memories of his inheritance to which the bow appeals. A mere passing fancy will not suffice to make him an archer. It is the unusual person who will overcome the early difficulties and persevere with the bow through love of it.

      The real archer when he goes afield enters a land of subtle delight. The dew glistens on the leaves, the thrush sings in the bush, the soft wind blows, and all nature welcomes him as she has the hunter since the world began. With his bow in his hand, his arrows softly rustling in the quiver, a horn at his back, and a hound at his heels, what more can a man want in life?”

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    • Longbow560
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      This is my favorite…

      “What is written on the scroll of Fate is not visible; but with a sturdy bow, a true shaft, and a stout heart, we journey forth in search of adventure”….. Saxton Pope

    • SteveMcD
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      Great post, T D… 8)

      And yes… ” If your mind goes astray, so will your arrows”.

      Focus Grasshopper! 😀

    • tom-wisconsin
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      Very great words, T.D. Thanks for sharing. Makes me want to go out and practice right now. (Except it is dark:D)

    • mittenm
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      Thanks for inspireing.

    • kellydockter
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      very nice thank you.

    • William Warren
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      Thanks T,
      Let us carry them in our hearts always and they will live on through us. We are the ones who keep the sport a noble sport.

      Only for the flight of the arrow!


    • maineac
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