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    • 1/2traditional
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      i have a black locust stave that im going to start working:) i sesoned it 1 1/2 years and made one other bow out of the same log.i have had reaccuring problems with trying to make bows; mainly they break or stretch to much during tillering:cry:is this because i havent oiled the bow or the wood isnt good or im going to fast :?:the tillering stick i made has 2″ spacing and i try to work it about 50 times before going to the next notch 🙄 the stave is 65″ long 2-1/2″ to 2″ wide was wondering if a longer bow is easyer to understand/make also should i take down to single growth ring then cut to shape any sugestions welcome:shock::roll::wink:

    • George Tsoukalas
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      It took me awhile to get a shooter too. No, you don’t oil the stave, 1/2 trad. You didn’t mention your draw length so I am not sure if 65″ is long enough. Check my site for more help.

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