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    • DK
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      Hi guys,

      So I am in the market for a new bow. I shoot a toelke whip right now and have no complaints. I have a 32″ draw and am very limited to what I can do with arrow tuning because I cant cut shafts down. Would an ILF bow make more sense for someone like me. You can adjust tiller and more fine tuning was far as the rest goes with a plunger. I just wonder if it would be more forgiving for hunting situations. Thanks in advance.


    • jpcjpc
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    • Jason Wesbrock
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      I also have a 32″ draw, and it can make tuning a bit of a challenge at times. As far as ILF bows and hunting, they work extremely well. I’ve spent several years hunting with a 17″ titan riser and long limbs for a 62″ bow. But my primary rig these days is an old Sky Conquest 24″ riser with medium limbs for a 67″ bow.

      The nice thing about the ILF stuff is you can mix and match limbs and make it as cheap or expensive as you’d like. If you want a good, solid basic setup I’d highly suggest the inexpensive stuff from SF Archery. Lancaster in PA and Alternative Sporting Services out of the UK sell it. You can get solid performance to your door for well under $500 new. Probably $300 if you look for used stuff.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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