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    • Donnie
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      I have always hunted alone…. and have always enjoyed this. Less noise… more ME time…. I get to hunt, stalk, (nap) screw around in the woods MY WAY. But…. This might have change for me! (And I think I like it!) ๐Ÿ˜ฏ

      I’ve been seeing a gal for about 2 years now, and she has sat back quietly and watched as I fletch my arrows… tune my equipment…. shoot by bow… watch my hunting movies… reading my TB magazines… ect… ect… Well… about a month ago she wanted to try to shoot one of my smaller bows! (41# @ 28″ recurve) So… we did! And after slapping her wrist a few times… (cuz she wasn’t so sure about the arm guard…. but is now convinced that she wants one! ๐Ÿ™„ ) I thought that she would lose interest. Well…. SHE DIDN’T!!!!!!

      Now…. all she wants to do is shoot the bow! She absolutely loves it! Its all she talks about…. and she is even going through many of my older issues of TB magazines!!! She really got keyed up when I took the regular target away…. and had her shooting at a “Nerf” football in the yard! And now she can hit the Nerf Football out to 10 yards EVERY TIME!!!! (I’ve created a monster…. and I LIKE it!!!!) :twisted::twisted:

      About a week ago…. she shot one of the new Mathews bows (top of the line compounds) in Boise, ID….. and even though she liked it… she LOVES the elegance and simplicity of the Recurve. She said that she doesn’t even want to try shooting another compound…. because it was a “waste of her time!” (I agree! ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

      I’m on the road now, (I’m a Supervisor for the Railroad,) and every night, she calls me and tells me how well she is shooting! Last night…. she told me that we “Need a new Nerf Football”…. and she wants to start shooting at something smaller!

      Now… all we talk about is archery. The house is FILLED with ARCHERY! She wants to take her wood working tools and start making “Bow Racks”…. “Arrow Racks”…. “Arrowhead Mirrors”… She looks at dishes with deer and elk…. we now have coasters with Moose on them… I even have more hunting movies on order! (I already have close to 100 hunting movies! Now I’m getting more!) “I’ve died and gone to heaven!!!” :D:D

      “I’m thinking that Christmas is going to be a “Cinch” from here on out!!!!!” 8)

      I’ve been VERY excited about this turn of events in my life…. and just really wanted to share it!!!

      I suppose that most of you folks already have a partner like this…. Well…. This is all very new to me…. and I really like it!!!!

      Just wanted to share!



    • skifrk
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      Congrats Donnie you got a keeper their. Enjoy the journey together.

    • Wexbow
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      Donnie you sound smitten – and for good reason it seems, enjoy the company both on the hunt and in life ๐Ÿ˜€

    • handirifle
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      The ONLY downside to this, is now everything costs twice as much, There could be worse problems I suppose :D. Hang on to that one. My wife doesnt hunt, still love her. My brother found a woman that loves to hunt more than him, if thats possible.

    • taterman
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      donnie ,i think im gonna have to hate ya now,just kiddin be prepaired for the best years of ur life !

    • Donnie
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      It didnt start out as anything but friends…. but she is definitely proving herself to be a keeper…. With or without the Archery…. and her attraction to archery is like icing on the cake! ๐Ÿ˜›


      “Stunned” to say the least!…. And the company really is fun… even if for now its just shooting in the backyard. I really look forward to taking her to a 3-D shoot! Archery has really given us lots to share!


      I guess yer right…. there COULD be worse things…. (I Suppose….) But spending twice as much money on Traditional Archery Equipment could be viewed as an “Investment in Life”. Guess I better get on it and start making my shopping list!…. Birthday list…. Christmas list… Easter list…. ect… ect… 8)


      I guess ANY woman who tolerates all that we put into archery is a keeper! And…. “No hard feelings if ya hate me…. even a little!” (I’m sure I’ve been hated for a lot less!) ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • wildschwein
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      Hunting with the missus can be oodles of fun. However I should warn you that she will out hunt you.

      Take my wife for example. In the four years we have hunted together she has killed a bigger Buck than me for three years running, and then she bags our first Bull Elk. And did I mention the four hundred yard shot she made on a Coyote, while it was running no less!

      Yup hunting with the missus can be great fun, but prepare to be humbled…

    • handirifle
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      So much for the weaker sex theory:shock:

    • Donnie
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      Thats OK…. She can try to brag, but there is one thing that I can do that she will never be able to do. I will ALWAYS be able to write my name in the snow! 8)

    • Ben M.
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      What– is her name too long?

      Yikes…bad joke. Sorry! I’m happy for you both too.


    • Bowhunter57
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      Sounds like a Win,Win situation to me! God Bless and Good Luck this season! Love the Nerf Football idea!

    • Donnie
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      Hee!… Hee!…

      No… That’s not it…. Its just that she will never have the fine penmanship that I have! 8)

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