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      So I’m in a state of amazement right now. There is a little group of aspiring toxophilites here in Downtown Rogers who have been getting together shooting bows and asking about archery stuff and making arrows and all that good bit the past few weeks. It’s been a good time. One of the ladies mentioned one day at the restaurant where she works that she had found an old longbow that had been lying around her friend’s place for years and that she had shot it some. She said it was made by “…that guy down in Fayettville who you talk about, the Archery shop guy.” I stopped chewing in mid bite and looked at her like she was a green alien and said “You do not have a Dick Palmer longbow just lying about the place.” She said that she did.

      Well, this evening when we got together to shoot, that bow showed up along with the ones I brought and several others that were there. It’s a right handed bow, and I’m a lefty, but I’ve been teaching myself to shoot right handed for the past year or so anyway, so I strung it up and gave it a few flings. Amazing bow!!!! It’s a 50 pounder, but pulls like a 40 and shoots like a 60. I couldn’t believe it. Needless to say, I was smitten and offered to “borrow” it long enough to build a new string for it, as the old string is much in disrepair. As we all know, a new string has to be properly shot in, served, twisted just enough, have nock points tied on, etc… It can take a week or so. :rolleyes: :rolleyes: 😀

      So, the bottom line is I have at least one week with a Dick Palmer longbow. I’ve already filled my tags for this zone this year or I’d really work it the next day or two and then try get a deer with it. As it is, I’m going to put some frequent flier miles on it and maybe run down to his shop and Fayettville and show it to him. I think he would appreciate seeing someone enjoying one of his bows.

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