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    • Danny Klee
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      I went to my doctor because of pain in my left elbow. He said I have tendonitus, or tennis elbow. He told me to stop shooting my bow for at least 2 weeks and do some specific exercises to strengthen my forearms. I’m like a beaten dog! I shoot almost everyday. I miss it. Me and my bow have become great friends and I’ve become quite fond of shooting her. Woe is me! Do ya feel sorry for me? lol


    • coyote220
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      Dan, I feel your pain, but in my left foot!! Tendon issues are typically slow to heal for various reasons. I was aggressive in my physicial therapy, 3 times a week for 3 weeks , 1 hour at a time. I work the tendon each day on my own. I was able to get back out in the woods within the first week. It will get better, but it may not return to normal (aging???).
      I would shoot only one arrow a day, simulating a hunting shot. One shot, you better make it count.


    • Steve Branson
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      Dude, thats tough! I feel for you buddy! Hope youre healed up and good to go before season.

    • Rocks
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      I feel for ya! I injured my shoulder about 6 weeks ago and haven’t touched my bow since. It’s starting to feel better, but I don’t want to aggravate it so I’m going to wait until Sep to try shooting again.

      Hope you heal up soon and get back to shooting!

    • Mark Turton
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      Much sympathy my friend, time to build arrows and go hiking and scouting.


    • Cottonwood
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      Take it slow, and you will be shooting again. I once had to be away from shooting almost a year or more, due to an injury to my left shoulder.

    • Ripforce
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      I feel your pain, I have been dealing with the dreaded tennis elbow for quite a while! You might try a couple of things, I wear a TE brace that goes right below my elbow on the forearm that seems to help alot! I also take Aleve every day and ice when it gets real sore! There is an acupuncture clinic here where i live and the gal says that she can knock it out with a few treatments so I may try that if it gets real bad! So far I have not had to quit shooting but some days are worse than others! It will go away if you cease the activities that cause it, however it seems to always come back! I am like you I like to shoot everyday so I deal with the annoyance! Good Luck

    • MontanaFord
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      About 4 or 5 years ago, I broke my left hand (bow hand), and could not for the life of me, bear to shoot my Grizzly for almost a month and a half, due to hand shock. I was fortunate enough to be able to shoot my uncle’s takedown, which was nice, but I was so glad to get back to MY bow when my hand healed. I feel for you, Dan. Like one of the other guys said, go build arrows and start on your late summer scouting.


    • Danny Klee
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      Thanks everyone for your encouragment. In fact I have been devoting my time to making arrows AND doing some scouting, but those pesky mosquitos sure are something this year! I thought they would carry me away! I don’t know if I have any blood left.


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