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    • jason samkowiak
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      This video is from my hunt last night. I started the video as soon as i got on stand because i knew that it was a pretty crazy place to set up. This is northern Michigan State land, after the gun pressure of 800 thousand gun hunters, and a place i would never think of hanging a tree stand. But i decided to “hunt where the sign told me” and it paid off.

    • paleoman
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      Fantastic! I’m going to set up 15′ from the front door now:D The suckers are in the bird feeders every day. Nice late season doe. Way to hang in there!

    • Col Mike
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      Jason thanks another great piece of info and video.


      Let me know how that works out perhaps I can get Lin to lift sanctuary from the back yard 2 bucks and 5 does this afternoon on my stumping walk:shock: They don’t even wave their white tails at me.

    • jason samkowiak
      Post count: 141

      Thanks guys!

      I have the same issue here. We have up to 20 deer a night coming into our back yard where my wife feeds them a gallon or so corn a day. she only feeds them in the winter and loves watching them in the snow. I would never hunt these deer like this. But one has to questions driving 40 minutes to go sit in a tree in the 20 degree temps for hours hoping to see deer when I could just open the sliding door in my boxers and fill the freezer.

      Dont think I could ever feel good about doing that and would probably hang up my hunting if i ever wanted to. But its pretty funny when i walk in from hunting, frozen and empty handed, and my wife’s friends are at the house when i get there. They ask did you get anything? I say no didnt see anything. They laugh and say you could of killed 10 deer 10 feet off the back deck earlier! I just smile as i take off my 27 layers of clothes.

    • wojo14
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      Nice video. I wish some snow would fall up here for the weekend. I like tracking them in the snow in the extended season here.

      Congrats on the doe.

Viewing 4 reply threads
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