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    • cavscout9753
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      So our whitetail archery season is about to start here in west georgia and I was wondering if some of you wanted to share your hunting techniques with the group? I’ve killed deer with my old wheelie bow before, but that was in a stand. I’ve only been doing traditional for about a year and last season I didn’t feel accurate enough at 20 yards to ethicly take the bow out. I was wondering what folks have had work for them in their areas, ground blinds, tree stands, sitting on a stump, etc. for taking game. (not restricted to just deer, whatever you’ve been after). Maybe I can learn some good tips for success out in the woods.

    • wolfkill220
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      In my neck of the woods up here in the pacific northwest do a mix of stand and still hunting .Mainly still and spot and stalk . I hunt a mix of high alpine regions and lower coastal jungle .like still hunting the best gives more feeling of hunting . And cav thanks for your service my hats off to you.

    • lyagooshka
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      This will actually be my first year out with the bow. I didn’t think I woulf make it, but with some advice (mainly off of these forums) I feel pretty good about making a shot in the 10 yard area. I am not expecting much other than a good learning experience and a great time outdoors. I plan to sit under a tree in my ASAT camo and hope for the best. Can’t really squeeze a tree stand in that spot, and I am not sure if a ground blind would work. Very heavy cover. I just have to trust in the ASAT, and hope something comes along before my rear end goes to sleep. I actually have a trail camera at the spot. Only a few deer and then it attack of the turkeys. That really got my because my area is closed to fall turkey hunting. Story of my life. Oh well.

      Good Luck everyone and be safe!



    • skifrk
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      There are so many ways to hunt, the big one is to find a good waterhole that is being hit to set up on in the early part of elk season for midday hunts. For those I create a mini blind out of whats available there at the waterhole. In the morning or late evening I do a bit of spot and stalk or still hunting to find the elk, or deer.

    • JodyS
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      From one Southerner to another, here is how I am going to hunt whitetails in September through October (pre-rut is in swing by the end of October here).

      1. I have a ground blind that I made by a big pond on my property. With the terrible drought this summer, the trails to the pond are well-worn and there are more deer tracks around the pond that ever before.

      2. I have a stand (14 feet to the platform) in a white oak, and among white oaks, that is at the intersection of several trails. They travel frequently through this area, and when the white oak acorns begin falling they will use this even more heavily.

      3. In another well-traveled area (from bedding to feeding areas) I have a tree stand among some pines that borders the bedding area.

      4. Good ole still hunting. I will still-hunt, and then stop at some places along trails and cobble together some blinds, and sit for awhile, then move again after an hour or so.

      My strategy will change when the pre-rut and rut kicks in, and most of the mast (acorns, persimmons, etc.) is more scarce. The deer will move more, so I will have to adapt.

      My friendly suggestion would be to enjoy being out there, soak in the experience, and be ready when you get a chance for a shot, but be grateful for the time even if you don’t get an opportunity. I got skunked last year (missed two shots). But, I had a great time as I got to hunt more frequently and sometimes for the entire day.


    • ChumpMcgee
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      We both are in the same boat, I picked up my bow last year around this time right before hunting season and did not feel comfortable shooting an animal at that time. This year the hunt is on! I have desided that I am going to be hunting on the same playing field as the game…I will be hunting from a natural ground blinds that I have either set up myself a month ago or a few other natural blinds that I know of, and one natural tree stand where a tree fell over. I also and not hunting for bucks, unless one walks by me :). I think its going to be alot of fun and very challenging to hunt from the ground, but then again if I wanted something easier I would use a compound or a gun! ZZZZIIINNGGG!!!

    • wildschwein
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      Mostly I just find an established game trail with a bit of fresh sign (tracks, scat etc) and plop my stool down in the shade and wait. Only change I made to compensate for the bow was to plop my stool down a bit closer to the trail than normal.

    • Stumpkiller
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      cavscout9753 wrote: SI was wondering what folks have had work for them in their areas, ground blinds, tree stands, sitting on a stump, etc. for taking game. (not restricted to just deer, whatever you’ve been after). Maybe I can learn some good tips for success out in the woods.

      Yes, yes and yes. They all can work if there deer are present when you are. Pre-season scouting to find where the deer are and when can pay off big time – but putting time in the woods and taking advantage of the opportunity that presents itself is important as well. I start and end the day in a tree stand. Climb down about 10:00 AM and still hunt. Sit in a few likely spots here and there and end up back at my tree stand at 2:30 PM +/- for the last hours of daylight.

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