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    • CarolinaBob
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      Deer season starts here in 5 weeks. So I am getting my setup ready. Shooting a Seminole Chief by Brown Recluse with X7 2114s and Cold Steel 100 broad heads. A good fast setup.

    • George McCloskey
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      Hey Bob what’s your arrow weight?

    • DAbersold
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      Bears from a tree stand, over looking my favorite berry patch, will get a dose of my Samick Stingray 50#@28″, fast flight string, a heavy 2117 easton, 100gr brass insert and a Bear Super stainless 140gr broad head. 630gr. total. 15-20yd. shot.
      Deer, and/or bear in the Trinity Alps Wilderness will see the flash of my Don Dow Stik longbow 53#@28″ fast flight string, 2114 easton, and a Bear stainless broadhead. 470gr. total. Spot and stalk.

    • CarolinaBob
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      gmccloskey wrote: Hey Bob what’s your arrow weight?

      Fairly light around 400, I like Mr Howard’s ideas about arrows and arrow weights. I will as always carry my father’s Camillus knife. I have carried for over 40 years both hunting and fishing and thru two wars.

    • hrhodes
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      Shooting a 50# @ 28″ pecan selfbow I just finished last month. It seems to like 2018s with 40 grains of PDP weight inserts tipped with a Zwickey Eskimo 160 grain broadhead. Something about shooting this bow makes me anticipate October. Its quiet and groups about big as my fist at twenty yards. Pecan makes a great bow!

    • J.Alex
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      Shooting a 48#@30 Blacktail recurve with a Magnus 125 two blade up front on a 65-70 cedar shaft for a 630 Gr. arrow. Cant wait till fall. J.A.

    • Bruce Smithhammer
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      55# Martin/Howatt Savannah

      GT Trad 5575s @ 28-1/2″ w/50gr. brass inserts and 175 gr. Zwickey Deltas

    • Brennan Herr
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      50lb@28 1968 Bear Kodiak Hunter
      CX 150 with 260 grain Abowyer Brown Bear broadheads.
      total arrow weight 600 grains at 19% FOC….

      Never used the Abowyers before but I am looking forward to see the result if I can get a deer to ask for an arrow.

    • SteveMcD
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      Well, I’m going to take out my NM Whisper Reverse Handle Longbow at the start of the season. Going to try and shoot one more animal with her, then she’ll be retired except an occassional shoot. Then I plan to switch to my Northwind Flatbow for a while,

      Northern Mist Whisper Bow is Bamboo 51# @28, will be shooting my doug fir surewood footed shafts, 60-65, with 145 gr Journeyman / Eclipse arrows.

      Northwind Flatbow is Red Elm 55# @28. Same arrows.

      I did put some 160 gr Journeyman’s on those Doug Fir arrows I just made with natural turkeys feather passed on to me, I suspect strong mojo in those arrows, So I plan to use one or two of them as well.

    • David Coulter
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      I’m shooting a 46# Leon Stewart Slammer with 2016 Aluminums and Grizzly Broadheads. My arrow weight is 530 grains.
      I did some more experimenting and my 130 grizzlies are flying great with a 75 grain steel insert. This brings the total weight up to about 565. best, dwc

    • mikelee
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      I’m going with my Mike beckwith “Hawk” bow 55# @ 28 ,Carbon Ex.250s,brass inserts and hopefully werewolf 200g.single bevels. Totaling around 625g.total arrow weight.Hope to get a chance on one of our elusive moose that hang around the place all winter only to become scarce from now till December!:lol:

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