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    • stefan 1984
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      can anyone tell my a nice place to hunt in europ ? im from switzerland and its not alowed to go hunt with a bow in our country… ( but we can make the hunting license 🙄 )
      anyway… nows anybody a good place ? i was many time in france but only for small game… squirrels fox etc… thanx and sorry for my english.. i was sleeping at school 😀

    • Charles EkCharles Ek
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      There’s a list of European countries that permit bowhunting at the European Bowhunting Federation web site, which also includes some detailed information on this question.

    • Mark Turton
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      Hi Stefan

      I’m in the UK and suffer from the same restrictions (oppression), you may try a post on http://www.archasse.com, but I have found commercial hunting in France to be a rich mans sport.

      Italy, Spanish Pyrenees not to expensive and I will forward you contact details latter in the week (when I’ve found them)

      Hungary is supposed to be very good and Romania has a good reputation for hunting with limited restrictions but you will need someone to ‘smooth the way’

      I visit Switzerland 2-3 times each year it never fails to amaze me how many languages Swiss people speak, I have a colleague that speaks 11!

      Good luck, Mark.

    • stefan 1984
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      thanks for the answers it helps me a lot.
      i was many times in france for hunt and bowfishing. there are some nice places, beatifull forrests. but its verry expensive. perhaps i was at the wrong place 😉
      and thank you mark, we try to speak so many languages because nobody speaks swissgerman 😀 haha… it was horrible at school… but whe had 4 languages in our country…
      now i get some training at all the 3d parcour… bye

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