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    • lee
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      I finally got to go huntin’ this past weekend. I didn’t even see a deer, but this little guy walked right up to me as I was sitting by a pond, he came within about 10 feet, figured I wasn’t a threat, then went to the water and got a drink.

      That alone made the trip worthwhile, maybe we can share some stories and pictures about these kinds of small events that make it all worth it! (Personnally I think being away from people for awhile is good enough, but we can leave that one on the back burner.)

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    • roninrus1
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      Beats the heck out of the skunk that walked by me once. Stopped about 6 feet from me and looked me over real good. Appeared to be trying to figure what I was. Fortunately he moved on after a couple of minutes. Having been sprayed once is enough for me!

    • David CoulterDavid Coulter
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      I haven’t had much excitement in the woods yet this year. Last year I got to see a red-tailed hawk take a grey squirrel. That was neat. dwc

    • Bruce Smithhammer
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      I wasn’t bowhunting, but birdhunting the other day , when Hank and I got charged by a very pi$$ed off badger. They are such impressively ornery, fearless critters. I think it was about to take the face off my dog, and I have no doubt it would have.

    • kellydockter
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      kool pic

    • fattony77
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      I had a bobcat walk to 10 yards in front of me last week. Fortunately for him, they aren’t in season until December here in Oklahoma. When he finally spotted me, I could almost see his thoughts, “what’s that big f@#$*n tree doing right in the middle of the path?!? I think I’d better turn around & go back the way I came.” So that’s exactly what he did. 😯

    • recurve man 91
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      havent had any good encounters this year, then again havent been able to get into the woods much. but last year i was hunting squirrels late in the season and i had two red foxes pass the tree i was sitting in at about 5-10 yards.

    • Mark Turton
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      I have a springer spaniel that suffers from ‘exercise induced collapse’ so now I only take him hunting on his own and he works close and slow. We were out saturday glorious day, sun, cool breeze, dry, a good to be alive day. Anyhow he flushed 6 pheasants and 4 rabbits and I never fired a shot, got one of those looks ‘if you don’t try harder I’m not coming again’
      We saw the first woodcock of the season, a flock of waxwings, watched a dipper for at least ten minutes and sat on a slope ate lunch and fell asleep, better that any therapy or perhaps it is therapy for the soul.
      Camera was in the truck!
      And the good folks at the farm gave me a bottle of apple juice pressed that morning, tasted just like biting into an apple, made it last till breakfast today.

    • Brennan Herr
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      Well we got a little snow in PA today…sat in on the edge of a cornfield and saw 3 doe and 2 bucks. The first buck was a large spike that was about 30 yards away in the apple trees. I barly even noticed him but the longer i looked at him the more of him I saw. He finally trotted off and about 30 minutes later he was pushing 3 doe down the little creek bottom passed my location at about 100 yards or so. The second buck was a small 8 point eating apples about 15 yards away. I was in position fora shot but he never made it into the open. He then walked straight away as he left. I grunted to him to see if he would come back but no luck. I also had a giant groundhog wondering around me for a while and thought about taking shot but instead I just enjoyed his company. All and all it was a great morning and I wish I could have gone out this evening but work got in the way again. Got to wait til thursday before i can go out again but I start my vacation from then til the end of the season on the 12th. Good luck to all!

    • Brennan Herr
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      this a picture from my hunt yesterday in the snow…

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