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    • wildschwein
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      Hello folks. Been gone awhile working the new job and am excited to see all the game people have taken.
      Had to drop to a 35# bow due to my finger injuries (and switch dominance again uhhgg). This prevents me from hunting big game, but Alberta has oodles of small game opportunities.
      Anyhow I have heard that a few American states allow Deer hunting with a 35# bow. Anyone here have an idea on which ones those might be?

    • shawhill
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      New York regs “Bow-Long (stick) recurve or compound with a draw weight greater than 35 lbs.”

    • Jason Wesbrock
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      Wisconsin has a 30# minimum.

    • RayB
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      Although I disagree with it, Texas has no minimum draw strength but we also allow cross bows during the archery only season:(

    • MCuiksa
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      Indiana is 35# minimum.

    • David Petersen
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      Colorado is 35# for all big game, including elk. It’s ludicrous and embarrassing. 👿 😳

    • wildschwein
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      35# for Elk! That seems a bit light.
      But it aught to be enough for Deer eh? Figuring I would set er up with some 600 grain arrows and 2 blade cut on contacts.
      Anyone here taken a Deer with such tackle?

    • Brennan Herr
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      PA is 35#

    • Steve Sr.
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      I set up my wife at the time with a 36lb bow and Razerheads.

      Not a wonderful shot but quatering away she centered the ham, broke the leg bone and it went in to the feathers, head ending up in the liver.

      We backed out and I snuck in later to find the doe piled up and unable to rise so finished the deal off.

      With complete pass throughs on perfect broadside shots with low 40s, I wouldnt be afraid of any deer walking with a proper head and proper arrow flight out of a 35lber.

      Please keep in mind that in the 60s 40-45lbs was the NORM and 35 just isnt that much less. Current 35lb bows of certain typs will blow the socks off some of the older ones higher in draw weight that successfully took deer. I wont go into the shots they took then that were ALSO successful.

      A quick look at Doc’s report on the 40lb longbow will give you a great idea what light bows are capable, with the right set up arrow and (since Im not one that think whitetail are that tough to take) Id do the same with plain jane, same ol same old heads on arrows of the past if they were flying great.

      Should things “go south” in any way and 35 is what I can shoot well……I’ll be out there. NO sweat.

      God Bless
      Steve Sr.

    • Troy Breeding
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      Missouri has no weight regs.
      Alabama at last check was 35# min.
      Ohio if I’m right is 40# min.


Viewing 9 reply threads
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