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    • Bowhunter1978
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      Lets see your hunting arrows

    • bushmaster
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      125 grain Magnus Snuffers, on Douglas Fir Shafts, 640 grain.

    • karrhollow
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      still waiting for the 160 grain grizzlys to show up in the mail, but tapered ash with a total weight of around 685 to 695 grains.

      I love these type of threads! im kind of a sucker for fancy arrows!


    • Ripforce
      Post count: 225

      Here 3 Cedar arrows that I just did up, the points on these I have had since the mid 70s! they shoot extremely well! I also have some CX Hertiges with Steel Forces heads but I am opting to the woods!

    • William WarrenWilliam Warren
      Post count: 1384

      Here is a sampling of what lives in my quivers…..

      Top to Bottom:
      5/16 Hickory w/ Zwickey 100 gr
      11/32 POC w/ Zwickey 125 gr
      11/32 Lodge Pole Pine w/ Zwickey 125 gr
      Camo Easton XX75 2117 w/ Alum Ferrule Bear Razorhead
      Vintage Easton GameGetter 2117 w/ vintage Bear Razorhead

      Also have 2 Vintage Bear Kodiak Hunter fiberglass arrows but they are retired now.

    • TradRag
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      Tipped with single bevel Abowyer Brown Bears.

    • celinsin
      Post count: 40

      This will be my 2010 go-to hunting rig. 8)

      62″ Shafer Silvertip recurve; Whispering Wind footed arrows with Stos 160-grain broadheads.

    • William WarrenWilliam Warren
      Post count: 1384

      very cool basket weave hood. And awesome arrows, everyone!

    • karrhollow
      Post count: 13

      I agree, very cool basket hood! And i finally weighed my arrows with the 160 grizzlys and they came out at between 708 and 704 grains. pretty close for a dozen ash arrows i thought!

Viewing 8 reply threads
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