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    • William WarrenWilliam Warren
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      I did not have the materials handy for a build along. However I can provide some pics with measurements and a few comments to help you with your project.

      Here are some variations in width and materials. The wider one will fit on a larger tree trunk.

      Here is a side view. You can count the slats to get your number of slats and use a spare slat for the spacer as you attach them to the legs. The legs are 2”x 2”, 36” long. Space them so the seat legs will slide inside the back legs.

      Notice how they slide together. Also notice the 5/4” strips located on the back and front of the back section. You might have to play with the location of the 5/4″ strips to get seating angle you want. I ripped them from a scrap of deck board. This gives extra support when you put your weight on it but you can also use 2 of the slats instead.

      Deck screws are the best I’ve found. Nails tend to split the legs. Use a drill and countersink for a neat job. Use a wood that is weather resistant and it will last many years as mine have outdoors.

    • Brennan Herr
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      thats pretty cool…thanks for sharing will give it a try

    • David CoulterDavid Coulter
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      Very cool. Thanks for posting the photos. Good post season project to have for the late season. Thanks! dwc

    • woodsman84
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      Very nice chairs I think I will give them a try, I absolutely despise the new metal ones that creak whenever you move maybe these will help me to stay quiet.

    • duboisj
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      Thank you so much! These promise to be pretty comfy. One for me, one for Toby. (‘Cause if Dad has one, he’s gonna “need” one too, don’tcha know?)

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