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    • shreffler
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      is there any easy way I can add point weight to my micro-diameter shafts that have outserts?

      Looking to add roughly 50-75 grains (or whatever I can get if someone has a simple solution)



    • David Petersen
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      Alex, though this may sound smart-alexy, it’s actually a straight answer: Just go to a heavier head. It’s better than internal or external shaft weights because the further forward the weight the better for FOC, and also because heavier heads, like the Tuffhead 300 I use, use thicker steel which not only makes for an overall stronger head but also, with single-bevel, the extra blade thickness allows for a wider bevel shelf which in turn enhances torque.

    • James HarveyJames Harvey
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      Dave may be right Alex. I have some micro shafts with external Al footings, but they’re only worth about 25 grains. If you have an adaptor in your arrow that may be a cheaper change than the broadhead.

    • raghorn
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      If you are already using glue on heads just add 75 or 100 gr adapters.

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