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    • Etter1
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      I’ve bought and sold a pse coyote and a bear grizzly.

      Both were before I really got into traditional archery and sold my compound.

      My first “real” bow was a Damon Howatt Monterey. 62″ and 50lbs.

      As a backup, I bought a Samick Red Stag at 60″ and 55lbs, which I backed with copperhead skins, and later carried more than my Howatt.

      UPS just busted all the skins and glue off that bow so I don’t know if it’ll be useful again, but I replaced that bow with my dream bow.

      I’m sure you’ve already seen it. Black Widow PA. 60″ and 57lbs with western diamondback backed skins.

      I’m sure I will, but it will be a long time before I buy another bow.

      So, who’s got what? What do you love? What have you gotten rid of? How many are in your corral?

    • Michael Scott
      Post count: 80

      I still shoot the first trad bow handed to me to try out. A Bear Grizzly 58″, 55@28″. I draw 29 1/2″ and 60#. It was my uncle’s bow, but he gave it to me when I started shooting regularly. If I ever decide to get rid of it, it will go back to him, as that’s the agreement we have. I’ve killed two deer with it. It is my primary go-to bow for shooting and hunting.

      I have a pawn shop special that I got for $75. It is a 70’s Bear Kodiak Magnum. Love the green with the blue laminate stripe. It is marked as a 55x@28″. When I got it, I pointed out that it had a slight twist in one limb, so the guy said they could knock some off on the price for me. Deal. I put a new string on it, and tuned it to shoot the same arrows as my Grizzly. Worked out great! The strike plate finally wore enough that I had to take it off. Written underneath the strike plate is the actual draw weight…57#. I draw this bow to 60#, just like the Grizzly.

      I have my dad’s old (80’s model) Big Sky Magnum compound. I had all the hardware stripped off of it and had a flipper site and new cable put on it. I had it set at 60#, to match my recurves. All three bows shoot the same arrows. Only difference, I can shoot vanes off the flipper rest on the compound.

      My wife has a Shakespeare Wonderbow, left handed that we bought at a 3D shoot for her. She hasn’t shot much since the year we bought it. Mostly due to raising kids. Imagine that!

      I have a 25#, 62″ Bear Grizzly with white fiberglass that I got from a friend out of his garage. I know nothing about it, but am in the process of tuning it to shoot a 2016 aluminum with a 145 gr. field tip. It does alright. I just have to find the sweet spot in the brace height for that arrow.

      My step son has a custom lefty Shafer Silvertip kid’s longbow that he enjoys shooting.

      I am hoping to start my daughter shooting soon, if she so desires. I have a small PVC bow that my uncle built that should suit her well.

      Anyway, that’s my current collection of bows…

      I am working on a juniper self bow that may or may not pan out, due to the severe twist the tree had. We will find out eventually.

    • Paul Mwttmann
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      Two bows. My go to hunting bow is a Big Jim’s Buffalo bow 62# which absoutly smokes and is a pleasure to shoot. And every time I pick it up I admire the craftsmanship that has gone into it. My other bow which I have shot for many years is a Sky Trophy longbow 52# which I still also shoot regularly.

    • mhay
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      At this time I am shooting an early ’80’s Jefferey , 62” , 55#@28”. It was my Dad’s bow .

      Just recently got another of Dad’s from my younger brother .

      1970 Bear Grizzly , 45# @ 28”,,,,56”bow. I took a deer with it in ’88.

      Last February ,I ordered a new 64” Super Kodiak from 3 Rivers Archery . 45# @ 28”. Mounted the Fred Bear Custom quiver and filled it with Legacy 2216’s ,,125grain AceStandard broadheads on 125gr steel adapters.

      Between set up and the week between Christmas and New years I doubt I missed more than ten days of not shooting .

      One morning after xmas I was enjoying my coffee and holding the SK. As I slid my hand along the lower recuve I felt something rough . I quickly got under a strong light and discovered the glass on the belly side was separating from the maple. I nearly puked !

      Immediately stripped the bow and called Bear Customer Service . They are replacing the bow . It should be here any day now . They have been on back order on this model and I’m told by the Rep. at Bear they are hand made , one at a time .

    • Bruce Smithhammer
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      Currently I have 5 bows:

      Robertson Fatal Styk – 60″ #54

      Robertson Tribal Styk – 60″ #54

      1970 Kodiak Magnum – 52″ #50

      Kanati hybrid – 56″ – #53

      Howatt/Martin Savannah – 62″ #55

      The Robertsons definitely get the most use, though I love pulling out the old Kodiak now and then. The two hybrids are also sweet shooters, I just haven’t ‘connected’ with them as much as the others.

    • ArrwSlngnArtist
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      I currently have a 1977 Bear Alaskan compound that my dad bought for me years ago, my brother and I shot compounds growing up. But after years of just shooting and not feeling that thrill which I used to love ever time we all practiced, I decided it was time to try something different.

      Which prompted me to buy my first recurve (actually the first bow I’ve ever bought myself), the Hoyt Dorado with a black riser and 50 lb camo limbs. After half an hour, my arms were sore and I was in love with archery again. This last season was my first time bow hunting, my dad and I were not fortunate enough to bag any game, but I wouldn’t trade that first hunt for anything. Learning how to stalk game, read tracks, practice with distance by stump shooting and other fond memories I will cherish with my dad!

      Two weeks ago I started a new job, working with my dads best friend as a roofer and on the third day, he gave me his fathers old recurve. I held in my hands a 1953 Bear Tigercat set at 53 lbs, which was still strung and doesn’t look as if it’s been unstrung in awhile. I want to try shooting it, but I’m afraid the string might snap, I waxed it the day I brought it home and was wondering if I could use my stringer to take the old bow down, any ideas? I appreciate it!

    • BuckyT
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      Only 1 at the moment.

      White Wolf Beowulf. 62″ 56lbs @ 28″

      My next bow will be a longbow. Still haven’t made my mind up on the model yet?

    • Alexandre Bugnon
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      Right now:

      56″ 55# Shrew Classic Hunter foam/carbon (the only one I’ve shot for the last three years)( nicknamed SST )

      68″ 63# Classic D-shaped Yew lams(4) bow made by a Swiss bowyer

      64″ 63# one piece Schafer Longbow by David Windauer ( The Collector)

      60″ 63# Osage Self bow built by Paul Brunner ( Buffalo Runner)

      55# Bear Super Kodiak ( nicknamed AWB! not Average White Band, but All Weather Bow! A real mule 🙂 )

      All of the above are my keepers. I’ve bought and sold about 6 or 7 more. I haven’t bought a single bow in 3 years, and was cured from buyanewbowholism since I acquired my CH. I really don’t want to buy another bow, aside from giving some support to Gregg Coffey with his new line at Javaman archery and have him build me a 56″ high 50’s( pounds) Elkheart !!

    • David Coulter
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      I started out with a circa 1973 Browning Wasp, 45# and a few years ago moved up to my Leon Stewart Slammer Special, a RD longbow at 45#. That’s the only bow I’ve shot since I got it. It’s a great bow. A pleasure to shoot, quiet and fast. I don’t see getting anything else anytime soon, unless I’m able to get an elk hunt on the schedule. That ain’t likely anytime soon unless they get reintroduced to the Poconos!

    • Wexbow
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      Only my cheap and cheerful Samick Sage but I’m aiming to get Henry Bodnik of Bearpaw in Germany to make me a custom bow in the next year or so, finances allowing!

    • Etter1
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      Wexbow wrote: Only my cheap and cheerful Samick Sage but I’m aiming to get Henry Bodnik of Bearpaw in Germany to make me a custom bow in the next year or so, finances allowing!

      Cheap don’t mean nothing! That is a good bow. I chose to hunt with my Samick 90% of the time this year. I’m blown away by what you get for the money from that company.

    • Wexbow
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      I love it Etter and it’s been my training tool from the start of my trad love affair. But I’m getting a longing for one of Henry’s beautiful creations and something special just for me, if you know what I mean…

    • bauder
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      I have 29 custom longbows.I have been doing this for a long time and longbows flyrods shotguns and pugs are my passion. 2 pronghorn one piece three thunderhorns one two and three piece 1 kohannna 1bow river 3 northern mist 1 fox 6 morrison1 moosejaw 1 deathwish 1 shrew 2 rivers edge 4 robertson 2 big jim 1 black widow

    • Troy Breeding
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      I just hung a new bow rack on the wall for my glass bows. It holds 8 bows. Gonna build another for my selfbows. That one will need to hold atleast 20. After that I need to build a rack for the extra limbs for the glass bows. I’ll have to do some counting before I build it.


    • Ripforce
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      Bama Expedition Osage Royal 62in 47@28

      Bama Expedition Royal 64in 53@28

      Great Northern Bushbow 60in 52@28

      Hickory Selfbow 66in 50@28

      Bama Hunter Longbow 66in 50@28

      Shakespeare Necedeh 56in 45@28

      Got a NEW 64 Howard Hill style Bama “Tribute” on order w a Black Locust riser, built with all USA woods! Naming it the “All American”

    • Etter1
      Post count: 831

      bauder wrote: I have 29 custom longbows.I have been doing this for a long time and longbows flyrods shotguns and pugs are my passion. 2 pronghorn one piece three thunderhorns one two and three piece 1 kohannna 1bow river 3 northern mist 1 fox 6 morrison1 moosejaw 1 deathwish 1 shrew 2 rivers edge 4 robertson 2 big jim 1 black widow


    • sinawalli
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      Not enough! Bows are like guns and tattoos, you can’t have just one! Currently have a Chekmate Beaver Creek long bow, and a 1970 Bear Grizzly. Selling the Grizzly to fund another project!

    • Goraidh
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      I’ve two bows: a Martin Mountaineer longbow 60# @ 28 and a Bear Grizzly 50# @ 28. Love them both.

    • Brennan Herr
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      Just a ’68 bear kodiak hunter 50@28….I love her but in a few weeks an Elkheart will replace her. She will be placed in safe keeping for the boys when they are ready.

    • lyagooshka
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      I have an old longbow, 52# @ 28″, 68″. No make or model, just a {shoddy} made bow I paid $100 for. I am pretty sure I heard it crack one time when stringing it. Oh well. I play around with it and will probably use it as a guide when I make my own selfbow. My next one is a InterNature? TD recurve 45# @28″, 62″?. It’s a take-down with a spot for just about any attachment you can think of, from stabilizer to quiver to arrow-rest. I actually shoot it off the spring-wire rest as the shelf is pretty flat and will probably not work well for shooting, although it is padded. My third is a Crow Creek, Black Feather TD hybrid, 52# @28″, 66″? (I can’t keep track of all these lengths 😳 ). Awesome bow. Love to tinker with it, tune it, shoot it, feel it in my hand. Just an awesome weapon. I hunt with it every now and again, but mainly use it for the regular/3D range. Next is my JavaMan American LB, 50# @ 28”, 66”?. This one, I “hated” so much that I ordered a second one about a week after I got it. I think my arrows each weigh more than the bow, and it shoots so quiet that I could swear the voices in my head drop a few decibels when I let the string go 😈 . This is my primary hunter, though that will change when the second JM is done (hopefully soon). It will be (if I remember) 70” and about 80# at 28”. I have started to consider taking the recurve out a bit more into some of the thick stuff as I find it difficult to maneuver the longer bows. Just a thought. As the weather gets a bit warmer, I will be getting out more and more, not just to shoot, but to “stalk” those 3D targets and see if I can get some shots of from various positions, angles, etc.

      Now, if you ask the spousal unit “how many bows does your husband have?” Her answer would be simple: “Too many!” 🙄 Whatcha gonna do? Be well.



    • Jason Wesbrock
      Post count: 762

      I actually had to stop and think about this one. For the overwhelming majority of my shooting, I use the following two bows:

      Hunting bow: TradTech Titan riser with Winex limbs. Pulls 56# @ 32” and sends a 500-grain arrow 200 fps.

      Target bow: Spigarelli BB riser with SF Ultimate Carbon Pro limbs and a bunch of other stuff set up for IBO Recurve Unaided class. It pulls 44# @ 32” and shoots a 242-grain arrow 235 fps Please don’t ever try shooting an arrow that light with a bow not designed to handle it. I also use it for competitive paper shoots (since I’m too cheap to buy a second target rig), but it’s primarily a 3D setup.

      And then we have the rest:

      Chek-Mate Hunter II with two sets of limbs: 53# @ 32” and 67# @ 32”.

      1960 Wilson Brothers TF, 42# @ 28”. I use it for small game hunting.

      Thunderstick MOAB longbow. I think it pulls 53# @ 31”, but I don’t exactly remember. I hunted with it for part of one year, killed a deer and some small game with it, and it’s hung in my basement ever since. It’s a nice bow—extremely fast—but I’m more partial to recurves.

      Root Game-Master, 45# @ 28”, mid-60s vintage, was my grandfather’s hunting bow. I’ve put several deer in the freezer with it too.

      Root Pendulus Supreme, 35# @ 28”, mid-60s vintage, was my father’s target bow. My wife used to shoot it when she still shot a recurve. She won quite a few trophies with that bow, as did my father when he was young.

      Root Brush-Master, 45# @ 28#, mid-60s vintage, was my father’s and great uncle’s hunting bow. I used it for bowfishing before finally retiring it several years ago.

      Root Game-Master, 45# @ 28”, early 60s vintage. Bought it off eBay. My current bowfishing rig.

      Two home-made recurves with a few different sets of limbs. I use one occasionally for small game, and the other I retired in 2006 after using it to take half a dozen deer, a hog, a moose, about a dozen grouse, and a bunch of squirrels between 2005 and 2006. I figure it doesn’t owe me anything else.

      Two bamboo-backed osage longbows I made in 2001 (I think). I used to have three, but gave the best of the bunch to a fellow in Ohio. The other two I’ve used to take a few squirrels and a bunch of carp.

      One rawhide-backed hickory longbow I made in 2000. I used it to kill a whitetail doe a few days after I tillered it and really haven’t shot it much since.

    • Goraidh
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    • codger
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      Well ive gott he herd pretty much thiinned out on that one im down to two recurves one Jeffery take down and one Kota the on the long bow side i currently own two tim Meigs longbows two Del Allen longbows one Sky trophy longbow a Kots longbow

      a Dwight rudder and my pride and joy a John Schulz natural.

      Im down from about 30 total bows to this motley little crrew.

    • CareyE
      Post count: 111

      My go to bow is my 54″ Shrew Recurve 53lbs@28″.

      Also in my collection are:

      62″ GN Bushbow 57lbs@ 26″

      58″ Thunderhorn Coup Stik 55lbs@27″

      68″ Dan Quillian Tracker 49lbs@28″

    • michels_benny
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      I have 4 bows

      Martin Jaguar 50@28. My first “trad” bow my wife bought it for me. I will never get rid of it.

      Quinn stallion classic 50@28 killed my first trad deer with this bow

      Thunderstick MOAB 62″ 58@28 first longbow

      Don Dow Stik 62″ 50@28 my newest longbow love it

      I will only add to these 4 bows. Next buy is a 56″ Don Dow 55 lbs or so. Sweet bows.

    • coastalbendbows
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      Currently I have about 10 bows. Mostly glass bows but do have a BBO and board bow. There all fun to shoot.

    • wideangle
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      I recently sold my Howatts and a compound bow I shot sans sights with fingers. I now have two longbows; a 62″ and a 64″

    • James Harvey
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      One T/D recurve with 60 and 45 pound limbs

      One old compound bow with a handful of aluminum arrows that lives under my bed with a hatchet (can’t have firearms for self defence in my neck of the woods).

      My wife has a recurve too.

      And the garage has a couple of PVC kids bows I’ve been making in anticipation of my kids wanting to be like daddy (we’ll see how that pans out).

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