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    • skinner biscuit
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      Wondering how many arrows you take when hunting.Do you carry a judo our blunt as well?

    • skifrk
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      About 4 to 5 with one a judo for a rabbit if the shot presents itself.

    • Raymond Coffman
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      while actually hunting – 4 BHs in the bowquiver and a stumping/smallgame arrow attached. up to 2dozen spare if truck camping. 6-8 spare in a tube if Back packing. Yea, I know – I like havin spare ammo –prior training.I shoot in camp as much as possible also.


    • Bruce Smithhammer
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      On my quiver: 3 broadheads, one blunt.

    • codger
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      Being the fine shot that I am i usually have my bearers carry a couple hundred arrows! No actually i use a bow quiver and only carry three brodheads and one jubo tipped cedar shaft.

    • David Coulter
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      Well, since I never have a shot at anything, I only carry what my dreams will manage. Four broadheads. I don’t shoot any judos while hunting deer. I don’t dare blow any chance that might come my way! This year, this year, this…. dwc

    • lyagooshka
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      I hope it’s not a PA thing, but I feel for you. Story of my (hunting) life. 🙁 I agree about the Judos, but I think I will carry one or two from now on. I can hold 4 arrows, so 3+1 or 2+2. The only deer I tend to see here in the Lehigh Valley are 100 yards and farther, and usually from behind. But there are quite a few squirrels where I hunt. With the luck I’ve had, I could shoot a bazooka and still have the same results.

      Still wouldn’t trade being out there for anything.



    • David Coulter
      Post count: 2270

      Hi Alex,

      There’s deer around. I just haven’t connected. This will be my fourth season in archery. My first I blew a couple of gimmes, but it was exciting. I’ve seen some big deer, too, but off fifty to a hundred yards. I called in a six-pointer toward the end of the season, but he went around behind me, so no shot. Nothing like being in the woods.

      By the way, I’m just north of you. I’m in the Poconos, close to Mt. Pocono. You have some big deer down your way. best, dwc

    • David Petersen
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      Four broadheads in bow quiver, or when elk hunting in grouse country, 3 broadheads and one Ace hex-head blunt. Back in the truck or camp I have plenty of backups.

    • Ralph
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      It only takes one!!:D Ha! In my dreams!! Like others, I have 2-3 extra broadheads and a blunt or two. I’ve been known to have 2 shots and miss both. Duh!

    • trapperDave
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      in indiana its unlawfull to carry non broadhead tipped arrows while deer hunting

    • Lee Vivian
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      Ever since reading a post by Mickey Lotz, from Ohio, on another forum, I have become a minimalist as far as what I carry into the woods….

      I carry one arrow in a leather broadhead sheath that ties to my upper limb…I do have a couple arrows with broadheads back at the truck…but my reasoning is….I very rarely get more than one shot, and if I shoot, and mmmiss….the deer don’t usually stick around to let me get another one off…I hunt on the ground…so, if I miss, I retrieve my arrow…and have a small sharpener with me….if I can’t find the arrow, I can go back to the truck for another one….

      I also just carry a small fanny pack, with just about everything I need….I hunt public land here in PA…so my truck is never really that far away that I cannot get to it for things I don’t pack with me…..


    • bruc
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      Two or three broadheads and one judo point to be able to take the odd practice shot.

    • JodyS
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      I leave the cabin with 5 arrows: three with broadheads in the quiver, one with a Hex-head blunt in the quiver, and one with a field point nocked and ready. My new routine that began at the end of bow season last year was to take a practice shot with the field point-tipped arrow at the same old stump before ascending the hill up to my hunting spots.

    • DAbersold
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      Three broadheads and a Judo for me. I could only wish my broadhead arrows had as many shots at big game as my judo has at small game! It does however help me to stay sharp for when the big game starts.

    • Jeremy Holden
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      My first “trip” to hunt turkeys was with a quiver that held 6 arrows. I got 5 shots and missed all of them. The pressure was on me like never before. I was out west in Nebraska and every arrow I shot that missed sailed over the turkey’s back and into canyon’s (There’s 5 WW broadheads in SW NE if you can find ’em they’re yours). I searched for about 2-3 hours for the first 2 and then gave up after that. So, the following year I had one dozen arrows ready for business. But, I also learned that I needed to practice a lot! So, I’m a better shooter now, I carry 3 arrows with broadheads, 1 blunt for stumping/keeping muscles warm. But, I also have some backups in the van or motel. I never want to be looking at my last arrow and feeling that pressure again!


    • JL
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      In my area small game and upland is not open during archery big game, so that makes it pretty easy. 3 arrows with broad-heads in quiver with a couple of spares back at camp/vehicle.

    • archer38
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      I’m pretty fortunate to be able to literally walk out my door in any direction and hunt on a few hundred acres. I can’t count the number of times I’ve crossed paths with a couple grouse or a rabbit or something on the way to my tree stand or blind. I ALWAYS have at least one judo in my quiver and 2 or 3 broadhead tipped arrows. I often carry 2 arrows with home made judos just because I have, on a number of occasions, encountered a good number of birds on the way into the woods.

      Beer bottle caps make great bird tips.

    • Stumpkiller
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      Five broadheads in the Jack Bowyers side quiver and two blunts. One broadhead in the bow mounted solo stalker with 1/2 of a Selway piggybacker tied to the bow to hold it until needed.

    • William Warren
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      I used to carry 6 arrows with broadheads in a Kwikee Quiver if I was going out all day. Now I usually just do half day hunts with a midday break back at the truck or camp so now a smaller bow quiver with 3-4 broadheads and a blunt or other type of small game arrow in a piggy backer suits me better in case I see an opportunity for small game. I may have extra arrows in the truck if needed.

    • wildschwein
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      I prefer 6 arrows in my quiver, 4 with broadheads, 1 with a Hex head for small stuff, and 1 Judo for stumping.

    • BuckyT
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      I carry 5. All tipped with broadheads.

    • tailfeather
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      Three broadheads and one blunt, usually. There have been a few times where, unfortunately, I needed a second broadhead muy pronto. The old adage, “better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it” applies to arrows!:D

    • Ben M.
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      I’ve been carrying 4 broadheads, 1 blunt, and a flu-flu with a condor…love the sound of those flu-flus!

    • jaytbuzzard
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      This sseason I went to four broadheads only. I had six but I recently lost them. The last two years I carried a couple small game heads also but I decided to not “mess up” any opportunities at deer. We’ll see.

    • T Downing
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      Three broad heads & one practice arrow…225g Tuffheads and a 200 grain Hexhead blunt for small game and stump shooting. Four total in my quiver.

    • Rogue
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      Three or four broadheads and one judo. Might have to rethink the ammount of small game heads, there seems to be more opportunity to use them.


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