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    • skinner biscuit
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      Ordered a dz. carbon shafts from 3 rivers.Paid for a dz.They sent me 24.Called them up and told them they over shipped but would pay for the other 12…would you really want bad karma with your hunting arrows???….NOT ME!

    • tailfeather
      Post count: 417

      I woulda done the same. At least you have plenty of arrows now!

    • Troy Breeding
      Post count: 994

      Try ordering over $600.00 worth of items and only getting charged the shipping cost….:D

      By law I had full rights to keep the items since it was shipped C.O.D.

      However, that just not my way of doing things and after a quick call everything was settled with a follow up check.


    • Wolfshead
      Post count: 82

      It’s a lot more than bad Karma.

      It’s doing what is right.

      The world would be a lot better of a place if everyone would act in a similar manner.

      Good on you for your honesty and integrity! 😀

    • Alexandre Bugnon
      Post count: 681

      I ordered a six pack of grizzly broadheads from zipper,

      And they sent me 300 broadheads!!!!

      Lots of hunting!!! 😀

      Of course I fwd the box to its original recipient, and zipper of course paid for it, and sent me 2 six packs free of charge!!! Good karma!!

    • BuckyT
      Post count: 138

      You did the right thing!:wink:

    • James Harvey
      Post count: 1130

      You’re all better than me. The last time I got McDonalds drive through, when I got home I found an extra cheeseburger. I ate it. Thank god it wasn’t 300 cheeseburgers. That would’ve given me indigestion.

    • Ralph
      Post count: 2554

      Woulda been bad to have found a free broadhead in the middle of that burger :D:D. Watch your tongue mate! I got a free chicken sandwich at McDonalds but they told me to enjoy, their goof. Not guilty. Jim:lol::lol:

      I try to do right. Every time in my past I intentionally did or attempted to do wrong on purpose, I got bit someway or another. I learned (my daddy’s belt could come off so quick!!!). Not for me doing dishonest or unethical and my hat is off to those with the same way of thinking!!

    • Etter1
      Post count: 831

      This happens to me regularly, mostly from my pool supply wharehouse. I’ve always returned everything or pointed out their mistake.

      Today though, I drove 1.5 hours round trip to replace a pump motor and they had given me the wrong one. Makes me think a bit..:D

Viewing 8 reply threads
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