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    • shawhill
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      I wanted a draw knife to work on a self bow with but being frugal (read cheap) I didn’t feel like paying $30 to $100+ for a good flexible wood working knife. So seing as I had some time to spare and an abundance of imagination (read as “inability to focus”) I made my own. I really just shot from the hip with the dimentions.


      -Cheap $6 machete that I never use.

      -broken maul handle

      -2 part epoxy

      I cut the parts out with a dremel and cut off wheels (went through about 7-8 ). I’ll probably try to use the rest of the steel for broadheads someday. after cutting the handles I cut the grooves in them with a recipricating saw, the saw blade was about the same thickness as the steel. Then I hammered the handles on with a coat of epoxy. I also put epoxy in the grooves on the sides. Then it was just a matter of putting it on the grinding wheel and finishing it off with the file. It ain’t pretty but she works great!

    • Stephen Graf
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      Very nice!

    • Bounty Hunter
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      Looks like that is a keeper and I love guys/gals that make their own stuff like this. Keep us posted on how it works for you.

    • Duck816
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      Looks really good. I have made scrappers out of a machete before but making a draw knife is pretty slick. Great Job!

    • Bruce Smithhammer
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      Very cool. Thanks for the step by step!

    • YankeeRedneck
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      That’s very cool!! Thanks!Smile

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