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    • wildschwein
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      Just wondering if anyone on this site makes their own silencers? I don’t feel like buying new ones and would appreciate any ideas. Please post pics if you have them.

    • David Petersen
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      FeralHog — You’re going to get a lot of suggestions to this thread, based on previous times it’s come up. Since my bows (all Shrews), if properly tuned, are pretty quiet to start with I just clip about 3″ of leather thong, the size of a sturdy boot lace, and insert it between string bundles. Lasts forever, costs nothing, doesn’t mind getting wet and for me at least, it works. Lots of folks use felt strips but I don’t like them when wet. In a pinch I’ve used heavy rubber bands, cut in half and inserted between string bundles. They work like Catwhiskers but shoot off fairly fast. dave

    • wildschwein
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      Thanks for the reply Dave. Afraid I don’t know what you mean when you say leather “thong”. Does “thong just mean a “strip” or did I miss it completely?

    • trapperDave
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      yarn puff balls. (i use camo yarn from walmart) use your hand and wrap it around at the nuckles about five times, cut, take a 3-4″ piece of yarn and tie around middle, insert into string, string bow, cut loops, shoot…poof. string silencers

    • Patrick
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      I tried Dave’s suggestion this morning and I like it. I’ve been shooting without silencers. I’m using about 2″ of leather lacing from my son’s armguard, as he had WAY more than needed. I like the simplicity of just a couple pieces of leather. They’re not as quiet as other things, but I don’t care. They’re quiet enough for me. Plus they’re simple (yep, I said that more than once 🙂

    • NY Yankee
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      I use the yarn puffball trick myself. Cheap and easy. Does collect burrs though.

    • Hubertus
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      Yarn Puffballs.
      TrapperDave’s method sounds good (mine varries slightly).

    • LimbLover
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      Whatever you do…don’t use craft hair that looks like fur or you’ll have puffs of hair flying everywhere on each shot.

      My Dad has some homemade beaver pelts that he ties on the string but they are really really stiff.

    • wildschwein
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      Thanks trapperdave, I’ll give that a go.

    • cody
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      I used my dogs hair. I have or had (some POS stole him and God help the person if I ever find out who it was)a Siberian Husky and twice a year he would blow his hair out in huge clumps. I took the puffs and put it between my hands and rubbed it back and forth to make yard strands. It was like wool. I just put the strands in the string the same as the yarn puffs everyone here has talked about. They work pretty good but I’m sure no better than any other. I just liked the idea of a part of my dog getting to still go with me to the woods even though I don’t have him any more.

    • Cottonwood
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      I got plenty of collie dander from the yearly molting that she goes thru, but I’m using fox fur at the moment.

    • Fletcher
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      I thought I was the only one to use leather boot lace. Mine are 2 inches at the longest and I soak them in Pitch Blend for a day or so; keeps them from taking on moisture. Serve them in place and they will last for as long as the string.

    • rayborbon
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      alpaca or llama fur.

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