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    • texasota
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      Going on a hog hunt Sunday. It will be my first hog hunt, and my first hunt with my long bow!!!
      Hopefully I will have a good story to share. I am open to pointers if any one has any:idea:

    • William WarrenWilliam Warren
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      Hey Texsota,
      There is a thread over in the Big Game forum on hog hunting and how much bow to use that is full of good information and some great pics. Some of those guys are our resident experts on hog hunting and they definitely have my respect.

    • SlowBowInMO
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      I love hunting hogs! About as much fun as you can have with a bow in your hand. I will add don’t shoot one like you would a deer, their vitals are very low and forward. Try to place your arrow directly above the front leg/knee about 1/3 up the body, and take nothing but broadside or quartering away shots.

      Properly hit hogs usually go down very quickly, there’s even a good chance you’ll hear it go down. Anything other than perfect shot placement makes for a long day…I have helped track a number of hogs which I’m certain we would have recovered had they been deer.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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