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  • wojo14
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    Last 2 years I have been kicking around the idea of heading south in the winter(after the hoildays)and trying for some hogs. I would love to fill the freezer with some pork!

    I was thinking of an outfitter or if someone could point me in the right direction, if in fact, I deside to go. Public land would be ok, but my hunt would be limited to a long weekend. So, I would like to hunt where hogs are. Or at least in a good area.

    Any help from you southern folk would be helpful!8)

  • Cleland
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    Wono14, I have been thinking the same for s.w. Tx. some public areas, but Tx. is 97% private.

  • wojo14
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    TX is a bit far for me to do a long weekender!

    I am not opposed to using and outfitter (I dont want a guide)or private land. I was hoping to get some recommendations.

  • David CoulterDavid Coulter
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    Be sure to get an outfitter who has good referrals. A local fellow here went to North Carolina to hunt hogs and when he got there the outfitter claimed some mistake was made as there were no hogs in that region. They ended up with a nice whitetail hunt, but it was not what they expected. Let us know the details as you go. thanks, dwc

  • Cleland
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    Wojo14, I’m with you on the do it yourself hunts. I have traveled to Florida and the hogs are year round on private property, but on public land only hunt able during an ongoing season for deer or other game.

  • skifrk
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    Have you looked at Ft. Stewart in Georgia or around that area.

  • David BalowskiDavid Balowski
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    Here is a good outfitter in Florida Jim is a trad guy he use to call him self True South here is his info now


  • Red Beastmaster
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    I highly recommend Hunt Wild Things in SC. Look up their website.

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    Don’t waste your money on a guide. Most any WMA in Georgia south of I-20 has plenty of pigs and the seasons are long. Go on-line to Georgia Depart. of Natural Resources for regs and seasons.

  • Drew Dittmer
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    I live in Lubbock, TX. There really isn’t any public land in West, TX where a hunter can expect to have any reasonable shot at harvesting a hog, especially as a non-resident. There are private operations, but I have not used any of them. I’ve driven over to East TX a couple of times to hunt hogs on National Forest Land. There are also some East TXX WMA’s where hogs can be found, but they have more regulations concerning when and where you are allowed to hunt. All that being said I will confirm that there are spot and stalk opportunities on National Forest Lands in East TX, and in my experience it is doable; by doable, I mean that I have found hogs, stalked them and shot AT them. I’ve yet to seal the deal.

    I can’t make any commitments this early, but AFTER the TX deer season closes it can be a decent time to go stomp around in swamp east TX and try to find bow hunting opportunities for hogs, between February – early May. If we can keep this dialogue going I might be willing to meet up over there and see what can be found. If you own a tandem canoe, it’s worth bringing. I only have a solo canoe, but in my experience the hogs are found in surprisingly wet areas that cannot be waded to. I found my canoe to be an essential piece of equipment for finding huntable hogs. I’ve posted a link to some pics I took from my trip. They are not compressed images, so it may take awhile to load depending on your connection and hardware.


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