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    • texasota
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      Hey guys. I am new to trad bowhunting, and new to Texas. I have a Bear Grizzly 50# recurve. Do you think that is too light for Texas hogs or javalina. I have never been around either of those before so I dont know how thick skinned they are. Any advise or coments I will welcome

    • Clay Hayes
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      I don’t know much about javies, but that should be plenty for both species. Sharp BH is the key! The only thing you should worry about is the big boar hogs have a grissle shield over their sholder and slightly rearward. Sometimes it’s 1.5 in thick or more. Don’t hit’em there.

      It’s been my experience that those big old boars aren’t much for table fare, so I tend to stay away from’em anyways.


    • texasota
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      thanks for your help Clay, i will let ya know how i do

    • Hiram
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      Hey just put the Javelina on a stick and cook it with BBQ SAUCE, then slide the hog off the stick, and eat the stick!
      Na, just kiddin. The Hispanics really know how to cookem the best. Cooked right, good tamales.
      The ferals are harder to kill than the Javelinas.
      Shot placement with a sharp two blade in the pocket concentrating as forward as possible, and you can kill the ferals.
      I aim a little more middle and forward area on the Javelinas.

    • Jason Wesbrock
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      This past May I had the pleasure of hunting hogs in West Texas with a camp of fine gentlemen. One of the hunters, Brent Hill, took this 225# boar with a 48# Bob Lee recurve and an unweighted carbon arrow tipped with a 1964 Bear Razorhead. After the animal was recovered, Brent took a broadside test shot and easily put his broadhead through both shields.

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    • JEVANS
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      I have hunted pigs in Texas most of my life. You need a heavy set-up beacause you don’t know if you are going to see a 50 pounder or a 400 pound giant. You arrow is really all that matters. That 50# Bear will do the trick; just make sure you are shooting at least 650 grains. With that said……shot placement is the key. These pigs have a heavy colar and you don’t want to put an arrow in thier shoulder. Wait for a shot quartering away and run one up the rib cage. As for those skunk pigs…. they are fighters. They have terible eye sight and are easy to stalk with the right wind, but they have an amazing will to live. Make a good shot. I have taken over 2 dozen hogs with a bow and don’t know any funner animal to shoot. They make some great sausage too; just stay away from those big ones if you are going to eat it, they taste terrible.

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