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    • cgchris
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      Good Afternoon. I am shooting a 55lb Bear Montana Long Bow. It is time to buy new arrows and I want to go aluminum. I have been shooting 100 grain heads with carbon arrows but there’s something I dont like about carbon. My local club doesn’t allow wood so I am going with aluminum. I shoot with a glove, no arrow rest. Can anyone recommend a head weight /shaft combination? I want to retire my compound but I need better consistency with the long bow. Any help would be greatly apreciated. Thanks, Chris

    • skifrk
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      I think for aluminum that you can start with the Easton charts as a starting point since I think they are the only one still making aluminum. I would shoot the same blunt weight as broadhead weight that you intend to hunt with.

    • Steve Sr.
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      NOT to confuse things further but sometime or another, Easton’s chart “changed” and, I for one, find the old one way more accurate for traditional bows (assuming standard 125 grain heads are used….go up from there. lol)

      Thought you and others may wish to save this. Save from here or PM me your email addy if you wish me to send it to you (or anyone else).

      God Bless
      Steve Sr.

      And WHAT KIND OF BALDERDASH IS THAT that you cant use wood arrows???????? 😯

    • Troy Breeding
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      I’m with Steve on the wood arrow deal. I shot wood arrows for years and still consider them to be the quitest shaft material out there.

      Sounds like that club has something against Traditional.


    • Bruce Smithhammer
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      My initial reaction is that 100 grain points on a 55lb bow are probably too light, but without knowing your overall arrow length, gpi, etc. it’s hard to say. In general, most trad guys end up going with significantly heavier arrows than compound shooters, especially with the weight up front. What type/length arrow have you been using, and which aluminum one are you interested in?

    • strait-aero
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      I don’t get the part about your club not allowing wooden shafts.:? There definitely something up with how they feel about traditional archery, I would think. Wayne

    • shawhill
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      I’m with smithhammer, 100gr sounds kinda on the light side. I shoot a 50 lbs montana and my 28″ gold tip 3555’s (wood finished carbon)are tipped with 200gr heads. Great flight and penetration. But thats my set up.

    • Yukonjack
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      I shoot a 60# Montana @ 27.5″ Draw.

      I’ve gotten good flight from Easton XX75 400’s with 200gr points and 100gr brass inserts – total weight ~650grs.

    • anointedarcher
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      I have a friend that shoots a 55lb Bear Montana with a 28in draw. He shoots 2018’s with 125grn and they fly great out of his bow.

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