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    • desprez dominique
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      Hi everyone

      i am from France ,and want to hunt European Deer (cerf elaphe in French)

      a good buck wheigted around 150 kg

      next year i have the chance to join a hunting group to hunt one or more ,but i have never hunt this biger game ,and i have a brain storm about the arrow and blade choice

      my bow was a DRYAD ORION longbow 47# @ 27″ and i use center shot 400 75g brass insert and magus stinger 125g and 4X4″ feather

      i think use lighter tube like VAP with around 300g on top for the blade

      and of course a good bare shaft tuning

      did you think this set up in enough for this game

      many thanks for your help

      Dominique 😀

    • David Coulter
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      Hi Dom, well, I don’t have any experience with an animal that size, but I’ll try to stir the pot here to get you some more qualified responses. I think with the 300 up front you would be safe. I read that it might be on the bottom end of good, but folks hunted those deer with less foc. What’s fhe total weight of the arrow you plan to build?

      I believe the proper order of things for penetration is something like this; straight arrow flight, sharp blades, weight of arrow and then increased foc. Of course, accuracy should have been the first thing. Let us know how you make out. Best dwc

Viewing 1 reply thread
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