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    • Nick D
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      Hello to all. I just signed up or joined or whatever you call it. Have been reading and recognize many and many are new names to me.

      Great looking site. Congrats to Robin, T.J. and all that made it happen.

      Hi to my good friend, Stve Mac. Good to hear from you. For those who don’t know Steve and his wife travel each summer from New York to Berrien Springs, MI for the Compton Rendezvous and Steve puts on a blood trailing seminar for our Kid’s Shoot. He does a great job and it is our most popular seminar for the older kids.

      Nice shot on that deaf and dumb MT deer, T.J. Proving once again that some deer can be taken wearing 25 year old camo! Just kidding–bro.

      Until later everyone–have a great season.

    • aeronut
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      Welcome Nick!:!:

    • Robin ConradsRobin Conrads
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      Hi Nick! Welcome to the site. What took ya so long?:D

      For those of you that don’t know, Nick is the Compton Education Coordinator who puts all those bows, tabs and various other traditional archery gear into the hands of kids all over the country. Thanks for all your hard work too.

    • David Petersen
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      Welcome Nick. It’s great to have someone on this site other than me who clearly has a great sense of humor! :D:D:D Dave

    • Nick D
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      Hi to Aeronut, Robin and David,

      Robin-the work you do for Compton is greatly appreciated.
      David–I enjoy all your writings immensely. Re: humnor; I spent 14 days ( and nights ) in a tent in Zimbabwe with T.J. in 01–you either have a sense of humor or die.
      Ain’t life great!

    • SteveMcD
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      Hi, Nick! Welcome! 😀

      To Nick & everybody. Have a Safe & Successful Hunting Season, Success being those things you carry in your heart!

      P.S. as far as New York goes.. we’re probably the latest hunting season start date in the country! 🙄 Next Saturday cannot get here fast enough! 8)

    • PagosaBow
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      Hello nick! Welcome!

    • T. J. Conrads
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      Welcome Nick!

      Just sent you a quick note. Glad to see you on this forum. Been gone, chasing moose (rather, trying to keep away from idiots driving ATVs illegally off designated roads and trails) and am getting caught up with work.

      What’s wrong with my clothes? Twenty-five is a about right, though, as I don’t buy camo, at least not for the last twenty-five years…hmm…

      Looking forward to the javie hunt.



    • Rocks
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      Howdy Nick!

    • Bloodless
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      Hiya Nick and from what I hear bout TJ, your lucky not to of been forced to murder in self-defense of sanity! (No I ain’t been talking with Robyn :wink:). Aeornut — good to see you here to! You must of been hiding over in the bowyer’s forum! bb (the least of all, but sensere anyhow)

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