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    • Steve J
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      I just joined. Looks like a neat place , without a lot of BS.
      I hope one or two of you could give me some feedback. I am thinking of buying a Bear Montana 45#.
      I want a bow that I can use for fishing target shooting & hunting. I put hunting last because I live in Houston . I get out to a place to hunt maybe twice a year. But I can bowfish 10 min. from my house.
      I have a Pse kingfisher, but really dont care for anything about it. looks feel , roller rest ,weight.

      Do you guys have any experience with a Bear Montana? Its at my price limit, but do able

      Thanks in advance

    • David Petersen
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      Another Steve! Just what we need! 😀 And just when I was beginning to think everyone is named Dave. Seriously, welcome aboard and we do try to keep out the BS — the nasty kind that turns a discussion into a hateful personal argument. Glad you noticed! At risk of blowing that image, I am always compelled when folks consider buying a factory bow, to encourage them to consider one of a great many generally far superior custom Ma & Pa (or at least Pa) brands. Although you didn’t mention money as a concern, I’m just endlessly amazed at the quality of the simple but very handsome little Bush Bows (longbows) that Great Northern offers for (last I checked) well under $300. Trouble is they top at 45#, but that’s right on for you. But maybe you’re set on a recurve. I’ve had a couple of older Bears and liked them in many ways, not others, but have heard perhaps overly many legit complaints about newer Bears. I’m sure we have some Bear lovers here who will disagree, and I defer to their greater experience. My bottom line is merely to say, Look before you leap! There are SO many pretty fish in the tradbow sea today. Best luck and welcome, dave

    • Steve J
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      Thanks Dave, I will check out Great Northern. I have a very limited knowledge of bows. Just know I enjoy shooting them.
      300-350 is about my range. I have 2 eng. style longbows from Woodbows. But want something with a shelf. The fish arrow is a bit more difficult to shoot off my hand. I have had a recurve , and for some reason I shoot a longbow better.
      Thanks for your help , this is exactly what I needed.

      Steve Jeter

    • Steve J
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      The Bushbow is 695.oo but the Field bow is 295.00,
      I wonder if its a better bow than the Bear.
      Im pretty open , if anybody want to chime in on there opinion, I admit my ignorance in this matter 🙂

    • Steve Sr.
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      Welcome aboard Tradbow!

      A lot of great people!
      A lot of great information!
      Some good natured fun making at ourselves and each other,
      and enough “Steves” to pass around without anyone feeling left out. 😆

      God Bless
      Steve Sr.

    • Treetopflier
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      Yes, Dave got the names confused. The Field Bow is the economy model. All I know is I’ve heard a lot of complaints about newer Bears, both performance (limbs breaking, etc.) and service. Yet there are lots of folks who swear by them. But the often-heard Bear advice is to buy an older one, made before the company moved to FL. Meanwhile I’ve shot the Great Northern Field Bow at K-zoo and found it sweet as can be, and the owners really great people, Ma and Pa, who will always be there if you need them, which you likely won’t. Like Dave said, the only limitation is this bow tops out, I believe, at 45#. Perhaps someone else will know of another such great deal on a new custom bow and inform us here. Otherwise, for the money you have to invest I would recommend a GN or a good used “custom” rather than a new cheaper factory bow. Snuffy

    • Steve J
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      The field bow is 60 inches. Im 6 ‘1 & 29 draw ,, would that matter as far as forgiveness?

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