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    • Bone
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      Tim Strickland has produced or is endorsing this broadhead. Wondering if anyone has used or know anything about them. The price for the heads are reasonable compared to others. I am not sure of design it maybe hard to sharpen. Wondering if anyone else knows about them and what comments you may have.

    • George D. Stout
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      I’ve not seen them so can’t comment, but I can tell you the old ones….Bear Razorheads still work for me. 😉 I’ve not seen any enormous advancements that would cause me to change. Then….I don’t look to see who is endorsing something either, that usually just means they are getting their broadheads free. 🙄

    • Bone
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      I totally agree George. I still use the same bh for past 15 years. I was told about them looked them up on the web then noticed Mr. Strickland being affiliated with it, and him being a trad archer himself brought curiosity who else may know anything about the heads etc……….

    • Stephen Graf
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      Some of the claims are just goofy. It looks like a cross between an ashby head, and a Simmons Shark.

      This is a product that was spawned from a Sales Rep Brain Storming session. The reps meet with the manufacturer and come up with a product that has all the features the sales reps have been hearing about. This keeps the reps “earning” their commission.

      They combined:
      – Simmons Shark – long time favorite, oft imitated
      – Red Talon – first to claim front steering
      – Single Edge – “I keep hearing about single edge, why? I
      don’t know… maybe it helps it fly better? Yea, Yea
      that’s it steering from the front!!!!”
      – Sales Rep Ideas – Greater inertia from front steering,
      Bone breaking thickness, cheap aluminum ferrel, sharpen
      the backside. I know we can sell ’em!

      In the end, I’m sure they work fine on a rib shot. I would hate to see them hit a spine or leg bone, that hard angle is a sure bet to get hung up in my opinion…

Viewing 3 reply threads
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