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    • ToddRvs
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      Came across a box of brand new Zwicky Broadheads today. These things look really old by the graphics and the writing on the box. They are Green with a single blade kind of like a bear super razor head without the bleeder blades.

    • little g
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      Yes I do you can still buy them brand new, but they have been around a long time.

    • Brock63
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      sound like Zwickey Eskimo

    • jjnapp
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      I just moved to Saint Paul, Mn and found out Zwicky’s factory is located there. I went over to their operation a few weeks ago and picked up some “No Mercy” broad heads and a few Judo points. The shop doesn’t really have a display room but I called ahead and they were happy to have me in. It was very cool to see such a successful, small family run business. Great people, and from what I hear Great broadheads (I haven’t had a chance to shoot them yet).

    • Cottonwood
      Post count: 311

      That is the broadhead that I am planning on using this year, as I have a dozen and they fly good, scary sharp double bevel 2 blade Eskimo’s.

    • NavySkyPilot
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      Started bow hunting last year- shot one arrow, all season, with a Zwicky broadhead. The venison is delicious and almost all gone. I’m stoked I’ll be hunting again in less than a month. This broadhead too came in the old “pink” paper packaging.
      Happy Hunting!
      PS- I’ll be using “No Mercies” this season.

    • Steve Branson
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      Planning on using Zwickey heads again this year, they are super tough and stay very sharp. As long as they have been around, they gotta be good!

    • Frank H V
      Post count: 129

      they are still available & are a good BH, I use them & like them.

    • aaronostoj
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      You cant go wrong with any of the Zwicky’s. Glue them up true and shoot something with them.


    • Buzzard
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      Zwicky started back in the mid thirties and is still today the broadhead against which all others are judged. As with all glue-on heads, make sure you get your arrow taper all the way to the bottom of the ferrule. The Sun never sets on a Zwickey broadhead.

    • Ron Vaughn
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      I have been using the Zwicky “Eskimo” and “Delta” broadheads for the past 35 years and can’t say enough about them. They performed very well for me. I do have a few 4 blade styles but prefer the 2 blade. Just purchased the “No Mercy” in RW single bevel to try this Fall.

      Ron Vaughn

    • turtlebunting
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      i been shootin zwickey for the last 8 yrs and love them and will never change. u can get them cheaper from there office then from 3 rivers or anywhere else. u jst got to call them up:P

    • Alexandre Bugnon
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      Sounds like you’re talking about my beloved Eskimos!! they are great broadheads. I’ve never had one arrow that didn’t fly well with these babies at the end. I use them on whitetails and turkeys

    • Buckhorn73
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      I have used the Zwickey Eskimo and been very satisfied with results. They have been and likely will be around for a long time.

    • Fletcher
      Post count: 177

      There have been a bunch of Zwickey Deltas in my quiver over the years. Likely to have some with me again this year. Pretty much as good as it gets.

    • hrhodes
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      Zwickey Eskimos are all I shoot. Years ago, while “flinging arrows” rather than employing the “perfect practice” as I should, I had a wild one miss the target and hit a concrete block. The eskimo penetrated almost two inches of concrete. I busted the block with a hammer and retrieved the broadhead. NO DAMAGE. I refreshed the edge and it will be in my quiver this fall hunting season. They are bad ass.

    • Steve Sr.
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      I kinda think, when discussing head’s with some of us uhhhhhhmm…..who have hunted awhile the question would be:

      “Has anyone NOT used Zwickey Broadheads?” 😀

      I get all wound up on broadheads for hunting but when I’ve been fortunate enough to help a new local trad hunter “get going” it was Zwickey Eskimo heads that I gave him.

      That jesture says about all I need to say about them, IMHO.

      I also cant think of a single day of any season that there isnt one in my quiver with others.

      I LIKE other heads and use them but not a single one is used because “it’s better” than a Zwickey. I just like broadheads of “many flavors”.

      Steve Sr. 🙂

    • rayborbon
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      Good broadheads. I like the steel. You can get a really good edge on them. Fly well.

    • David Petersen
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      Indeed, I’d rank Zwickey right up there with Bear as “classic” broadheads. Yet, while I’ve used them to good effect in the past, the steel’s a bit soft for my tastes, being mostly an elk hunter. That’s why they sharpen so easily. Thing is, the easier a head is to sharpen, the easer it is to dull or tip-break on impact with heavy bone. It will always be a trade-off. If I hunted only deer and other relatively light big game, I’d have no problem using Zwickey and other well-designed heads with Rockwell hardeness down in the 40s. So in my mind, an essential part of broadhead choice should be dictated by what we intend to shoot ’em at. Right tool for the right job. IMHO

    • trapperDave
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      a zwickey no-mercy put this guy in the freezer

    • SUSAN
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      A better question might be ‘who hasn’t used Zwickey broadheads?’ When I first started bowhunting many moons ago they were the only decent game in town– the other resharpenable (is that a word)heads were either hard to sharpen, too soft, or noisy. Replacable blades were just starting to show up but they were expensive and unreliable (this was in the late 1970s). Zwickey Delta, Eskimo and the new No Mercy heads have been killing game cleanly for a very long time. Though not as “sexy” as some of the newer designs, they are tough and lethal broadheads. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to get effective penetration IMHO.

    • Bruce Smithhammer
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      Anyone have experience with the Zwickey No-Mercy single bevels?

    • trapperDave
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      Smithhammer wrote: Anyone have experience with the Zwickey No-Mercy single bevels?

      the pic I posted above is a no-mercy kill

    • Bruce Smithhammer
      Post count: 2514

      Any issues with sharpening them?

    • William WarrenWilliam Warren
      Post count: 1384

      One of my favorites. I can only echo what others have said. Fly straight, sharpen great. Eskimos are my fav but I just got some No-Mercys to try.

    • Raymond CoffmanRaymond Coffman
      Post count: 1035

      Along with their other, many attributes delineated here. Just about any store that sells Broadheads [ even if a Modern Archery type] usually has Zwickys. Can resupply almost anywhere.

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