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    • Abel
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      So I got some Red Balau from Forrester. Shafts were 540ish and spined at 65lbs. I got them tuned in at 29″ and had between 18-20%foc with 30ogr up front. Setup a bunch of logs int eh back yard and have been abusing the shafts as best I can. Shooting from all angles and I haven’t broke one yet, from as close as 5yds, out to 25ish, hitting the flat faces of the logs at extreme angles trying to bust a shaft. Nope, only thing I can get to happen is the blunt tip and shaft to come loose. So far, I’m really impressed with them.

    • Doc Nock
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      Yup…good hardwood, especially footed, can take some real abuse.

      Sounds like you’re having fun with them…

      I had to check where you live, given my email alert was posted 2:47 AM…NOW I understand… AK!


    • Daver0619
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      I have been using ash for years. I had a friend who tried to break one shooting at a cinder block. I shoot 51# tapered shafts that weigh in at 580gr avg. with a 125gr Zwickey Eskimo at 10%foc. Love ’em. A little slow but OH how they penetrate.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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