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    • Stephen Nicholson
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      Hello! I was wondering if anybody here made their own arrows (cane, wood, etc). If so, how do you approach the issue of spine size? In other words, if I’m taking  piece of cane out of the woods, and making it into an arrow for my 55lb bow, is there any way I could ensure that it would fly true without using any kind of machine to measure the flexibility?



    • Stephen Graf
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      Learn to feel the spine yourself.  When an arrow fly’s well for you give it a bend between your hands.  Do that many times with many different arrows.   Eventually you will get a feel for what works.  It doesn’t take too long to develop a feel for it.

      Dry cane is probably different from green cane.  You would have to dry it, straighten it, flatten the nodes, and remove the waxy surface so you can finish them.

      There are no shortcuts.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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