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    • FarHunter
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      Hello Everyone,

      Name’s Kris, new kid on the block. Well at 36 I don’t technically count as a kid. I just like acting like one.

      I just picked up my first bow in June and I am loving it. The funny thing is I’ve been going to a combination archery and fly shop here in Walla Walla for 5 years and never picked up a bow. I wish I had started on that side first. I think Archery is going to do for me what Fly Fishing hasn’t. I did learn some great things though. As long as it’s more doing than talking than I found in the fly world. At least around here.

      So I picked up a Martin Cypress Takedown, 40# @28, LH. I’m getting very good at breaking arrows. Keeping it in a dinner plate at 20 yards, not consistently though. My son has a Martin Alder Takedown and loves it. Unlike his fly rod haha!

      I am also interested in trying to build a bow. I just had a some wood land in the street in front of my neighbors. So I have a 6ft silver maple section in my basement with some of my drift boats varnish on the ends. Furiously researching tonight at work on wth to do next on that one. I have only bought books on shooting and hunting and not any of the TBB.

      I worry about adding another outdoor addiction to compete with steeleheading haha!

      I joined WSTBH tonight, subscribed to a few magazines too. Looking forward to meeting new friends and exploring this archery thing that’s been hiding from me.

    • Ralph
      Post count: 2555

      Hello and welcome Kris.

      There’s a lot of good info here and a bit of fun sometimes.:D

      Have fun and enjoy the fun and challenge of traditional archery.

      Great that your son is involved also.


    • Cameron Unruh
      Post count: 240

      Good to have you here Kris! You will find that the folks here are a true pleasure to know and offer a storehouse of quality information and encouragement. Enjoy!:D

    • drew4fur
      Post count: 81

      Hey Kris

      I’m relatively new to this forum, joined early this year. I’ve been a trad bow guy for awhile and was a moderate contributer/lurker on some of the other Trad Bow forums. I hope you like it here, this is by far the best trad bow forum I’ve come across.

    • Ptaylor
      Post count: 579

      Hey Kris, welcome to the site and enjoy shooting!

    • Mark Turton
      Post count: 759

      Hi Kris

      Welcome to you and your son, kids love to shoot trad.

      Don’t abandon the fly rods just go trad if you can’t put it in your pockets you don’t need it.

      You’re braver than me making a bow, I’ve never progressed beyond kindling.


    • Col Mike
      Post count: 911


      Welcome aboard and enjoy the ride. Don’t forget to check out the Ashby forum.

      Semper Fi


    • James Harvey
      Post count: 1130

      Welcome Kris,

      This is a great forum, with heaps of really great info at your fingertips by searching old posts and heaps of great guys hanging around to ask questions and be inspired by.

      I hope you’ve got a subscription to TBM, it’s the ducks nuts mate. And if you get premium online membership (which is incredibly good value) you get digital access to old, sold out issues, right back from when the magazine began. I love reading those old magazines!


    • SteveMcD
      Post count: 870

      Welcome Kris… it is all about the journey. I too have been a traditional archer and fly fisherman all my life (going on 60). Learning and improving never stops…. I have been in search of the perfect cast and perfect flight of the arrow, all my life, but that is what heaven is for. Enjoy the journey!

    • David Coulter
      Post count: 2271

      Welcome aboard! Yep, you’re a brave heart going to make your own bow right off the bat. I think I’d give it a shot, if I could get finished with all the other things I’ve started! All the best to you, dwc

    • Charles Ek
      Post count: 563

      Welcome! We used to live on the wet side of the Evergreen State (sic), and we’re hoping to move back in a couple of years.

      You may be aware that WA has a long bowhunting tradition. One of the people who played a minor role 😉 is profiled in this chapter from The Traditional Bowhunter’s Handbook (a book I strongly recommend you consider buying):

      Glenn St. Charles

    • grumpy
      Post count: 962


      Just a warning… Don’t take ANYTHING too serious.:?

    • paleoman
      Post count: 918

      Kris – weloome to the site. Some great people here to know and that know this stuff:D


    • David Fudala
      Post count: 224

      Welcome Kris! Enjoy the new adventure!

    • FarHunter
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      Thank you for all the warm greetings.

      I’m having a great time and my son is loving it too. He just doesn’t like to hang out at the range like I do haha!

      I’m in the process of dialing in my bow. Adjusting brace and nock set height. Got a spine test kit from 3 Rivers and even got me some Judo points for roving. Newly minted subscriber to TradBow and PA. I also joined our state traditional organization.

      I seem to be unlucky in that I have important things planned on the same days as upcoming shoots and meets. I’ll get to one at some point.

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